I didn’t realize that I was creating my own resistance in my business, it took time for me to figure out I was creating my own blocks which then meant everything was so much harder than it needed to be.

I wasted time wondering why things would just slot into place for some people. I couldn’t understand how they decided on something and it happened! The funny thing was that I could manifest my intentions when it was something small or insignificant but the minute I desperately wanted something to happen, no matter how hard I worked in my business or life I just couldn’t make it happen.

It took me a while to figure it out. To understand that desperately wanting something or trying to make it happen was causing resistance. When it feels too hard I now know I’m on the wrong frequency.

Do you have fab business ideas or a vision for changing you life? Are you putting out to the universe what you want as well as taking inspired action but not embracing what it throws your way?
As soon as you set that intention (the intention that you feel not just think) shifts start to happen and this is where I see entrepreneurs putting up resistance. I see it because it was exactly what I was doing!

It goes something like this..
I’m ready to grow my business, nothing is going to stop me, I’m ready!! – but I don’t know where to start?

Shifts happen and the universe brings someone or something into your life, the support you need appears in numerous forms. A new group, new friends, a coach who can help you, a course that can fill in the gaps. The list is endless.

What do you do when this happens? You put up resistance, you either completely miss these opportunities because you’re focusing on what you can’t do or you create your own blocks with fear based reasons for not taking action.

So many times I’ve heard the words; “I really want to do it but I don’t have the money invest”. “I really should listen to their expertise but what if I fail?” Does that sound familiar?

My question to you is what’s the point in having a vision for a better life whilst working hard to make it happen if you’re going to block the opportunities that come your way which would make your journey a whole lot easier?

I see so many entrepreneurs stay stuck in the same place they started. So if it looks something like this;

1) Nothing is going to Stop you. (Your words)
2) You don’t know where to start. (Why would you its a new venture)
3) You are given opportunities to change point 2
4) You resist because you are fearful to take the leap or you completely miss the opportunities, focusing on the lack of’.

It’s time to become aware of your own impact. Next time the universe makes that shift for you. Listen to your gut, go with your desire and match that with your determination to learn, grow and develop yourself.

Originally published at www.melaniejbrooks.com