Social Media Impact Television

Social media has a great impact on pretty much everything now. We are connected to the world via social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In past, you had to get the newspaper to get to know about the updates and what’s happening in the world but social media has changed that. Now you log in to your account and if you are following the news channels pages, all the updates would be on your screen.

People are growing their businesses via social media platforms. When it comes to the television business, social media has a great impact on the television business as well. If there is a television ad or a campaign, the company gets to know if it’s good or not via the social media application as the audience can pass their comments and can share their views on that. This way you get to know the part where you need to work more in the future.

If there is an episode of a TV show like Money Heist is coming, you can create hype on social media, and even before the show, a lot of people who haven’t even watched the first season of Money Heist will get curious and will start watching the show. You can do the rating poll on social media and can get to know how many people liked and watched the show and you can determine the TV ratings by the results.

The best part about the internet and social media is that even if you have missed your show, you can reach out to the page of the channel and can get a link to your show. Otherwise, you can open the TV app and watch your favorite shows wherever you are.

There are many service providers like Spectrum that provide a TV app as well when customers sign up for cable TV. You can log in to that app and watch your favorite show anywhere, anytime. Moreover, if you want to watch premium channels, you can get the gold package spectrum and you will get all your favorite local and premium channels with the Spectrum TV app.

Impact of Twitter on Television Business

Twitter has a great impact on the television business. Twitter has more than 200 million users. Companies who are doing television business are taking advantage of this huge market and they are finding out ways to engage with their fans. While watching a TV show, you can now see hashtags during the shows in the bottom corner of your TV screen. This way, their fans can reach out to Twitter and can find out what others think about the show and you can add your opinion as well. If your TV show hashtag is trending on Twitter, it means you are reaching out to a huge market.

Impact of Facebook on Television Business

It’s not just Twitter that is playing a great role in the growth of the television business. There are other social networks such as Facebook that has changed television. Viewers can reach out to the Facebook pages of their favorite TV shows and can get to know more about the show and the cast and can see what others think about the show. You can get all the updates of your favorite TV show by following their Facebook page.

For the television networks, Facebook is a great platform to promote their content and shows because if someone likes a specific page on Facebook, all their Facebook friends will be notified about it and if someone likes a post or video on Facebook, that post will appear on the newsfeed of their Facebook friends as well. This way more people can reach out to the pages and will get to know more about what the network offers and what are TV shows which they can watch.

Facebook alone has a great impact on the television business as there are millions of people around the world who use Facebook on daily basis so when it comes to promoting the TV show or any content, Facebook is the platform where you can reach out to millions of people around the world.

Impact of YouTube on Television Business

YouTube turns the TV commercials into viral videos. Companies are now making commercials and do marketing with the perspective that can turn commercials into viral videos on YouTube. In the past, companies which offer product and services used to do marketing by making commercials and those commercials used to get broadcast only on television but now YouTube is the great platform where you can advertise your product or services.

Summing it up

Social media is playing a great role in the growth of TV shows but where there is growth, there are many people who spend more time on social media applications than on Television which is affecting the television business. There are always pros and cons of every technology and platform, you just need to find out which suits you the best.