There’s nothing like the feeling of being on the edge of something huge. Something game changing. You might not know exactly what it is, but you can feel it’s significant. You know something is about to change in a big way. Your whole life, your whole career, or maybe both,

You wake up every morning raring to get working. You’re typing furiously to keep up with your thoughts. It’s an obsession of the best kind. You’re consumed with ideas and solutions and love putting them in place. You’ve amassed a tribe to work on it with. The wheels are in motion and the progress is happening. Whatever is about to happen, it’s going to be big.

A knowing smile crosses your face when you think of the future. There are butterflies in your stomach. Your heart skips a beat and you find yourself nodding. Yes, this is it. Yes, it’s looking good. Yes, we’re getting somewhere.

You’re right on the edge of making it big and the signs are all there. That partnership, that project, those plans. The stars are aligning, and success is inevitable. All that’s required of you is to keep the momentum going and trust in the process. There’s a higher power than you at play. It’s your biggest fan and it’s got your back.

Nothing can stand in your way. You’re barrelling forward with too much drive. Saying no to distractions is easy because you’ve never been more focused. It’s too big. It’s too real. Why would you want to do anything else?

Your vision is so clear and your mission is so strong that the minutes turn into hours, then days, and it all feels effortless. You’re in the deepest state of flow; it’s like you’re the messenger of the words arriving to you. You’re not responsible for them, they’re coming from somewhere else. 

No one needs to know the day-to-day actions, because soon the result will do all the talking. It will look like an overnight success, but you’ll know it’s not. There’s no pushing for an outcome and there’s no impatience at all. You know it will arrive when it’s ready and the timing will be perfect.

There’ll be a split second that marks the end of what once was and the start of what now is. Your normal will change and you’ll never be able to go back, nor will you want to. You’re on a one-way path to an extraordinary life, more extraordinary than most could even dream of. You know that achieving what no one else has, means doing the things that they’re not prepared to do. You’re prepared.

This thing that you’re working on; it will be big for you, but colossal for those it will reach. You’re about to serve an audience in a big way and you hope they’re ready for it. You’re about to make a change for a whole host of people. You’re about to introduce them to what they didn’t know they’d been waiting for. When it arrives, they’ll wonder how they ever existed without it.

It’s not an accident that you’re feeling this way. It’s because you’re right. Your subconscious knows. It recognises the success signs and it can tell the future. It knows more than you. It knows how the story evolves and it’s reminding you to trust. Trust what you’re doing, trust where you’re going, and put all your focus into building, improving, and making constant progress. Success is inevitable.

To pull off what you’re about to do will require everything you have. Not missing a beat. Planning everything. Setting it up, crossing it in, and making it look easy. Lean in to this feeling. Experience the certainty and remember what it’s like. This is what it feels like to know you’re onto something. Exhilarating, exciting and patiently seeing what’s about to unfold with the quiet confidence that when it does, nothing will be ever the same.