When you see someone achieve massive success, you start to believe you can too. The problem is that many people see successful people as being lucky. Now if you achieve your goal, you will be able to inspire the people around you to believe in themselves because they won’t see you as just being lucky. Whether you are trying to achieve your financial goals, fitness goals or any other kind of goal, just realize that your success or failure in achieving that goal doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you.

Learning how to achieve goals and more importantly, putting what you learn into action, will help inspire others to pursue their own goals with the same determination that you had in achieving your goals. No one said living your dreams was easy, it’s not. That is why so many people end up quitting. There are far too many stories of failure and not enough stories of success. No matter how big or small your goal is, do everything you can to accomplish it. Your accomplishment can possibly inspire someone to become more than they thought they could become.

Penny sited the things you need to do and start the year with a blast. If you are bogged down with unfinished tasks from 2019? And no matter what sort of year you have had, you still have the opportunity to start this year on a high and start fresh on a positive vibe.

Here are the things you should do to start the year right with a blast:

1. Performance Review

1 “Just like what you have in your company, you have to assess how well you did the previous year. And in order to do so, create a list and highlight all the good things that happened to you. You will be surprised just how much blessing you have actually had this year. Write all down the accomplishments, let’s say “I lose weight by eating right and exercising at the same time”, “I quit smoking”, and in my case “I wrote a book”.“, Penny said.

2. Celebrate Your Success

According to Penny, if there’s a perfect time to do this, it’s during the month of January.

“It’s simple because of what we call delayed gratification. Imagine if you would want to drink a whine and you have been given 2 options, which would you pick? The one that is dated a year ago, 2019 or rather would you willingly pick the whine that is dated many years back? Let’s say, a whine that is stored since the 1980s? Success is so much sweeter to celebrate if we would patiently wait it out to ripen before we enjoy the fruit of our hard work. This will not only help you to maintain a healthy discipline within yourself but this will greatly impact your finances because as a result, you would be able to save more by doing a practical thing.” she pointed.

3. Appreciate the Help

I’m sure in every success that you’ve earned the previous year, there is a person who has willingly lend you a helping hand to reach that goal you have at that moment. And the people who just simply made this year special because they are around.

Penny added that you can use the normal happy new year greeting cards that are available to you. Express the gratitude for your past circumstance where their help or presence has to lead you to success or it simply may your year very memorable and special. In this way, you would be able to forge strong relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues.

4. Create a To-Do List

Penny mentioned to list down the results.

“List down your areas for improvement together with your action plan because without it the list will be useless. Since it’s either you don’t know how to take an action towards it or just simply you don’t want to deal with it. Please be honest with yourself if you’re aiming to improve this coming 2020. You can expect the coming year to be different if you keep on doing the same thing even though you have already realized what are the things that make it goes all wrong. You are you’re own key to success and taking action is one of the keys to make your dream a reality.”, she explained.

5. Unresolved Matters

“Take time to resolve any unresolved matters, this can be about your family, finances, relationships, work, etc. Leaving it unresolved will be like a ghost that will haunt you throughout the coming year so it’s a good thing to start with a clean slate. You will be surprised how light the feeling will be if you have already done this.”, she added.

6. Clear the Clutter

“I don’t have to elaborate more about this since I already know that you understand what this means. Just go around your house, office, computer files, closet or basically anywhere you can find a clutter. Have a clear space so that the New Year can begin to bring you greater prosperity. And in the same way, you would be able to discipline your self so that you would be consistent throughout the New Year. Be ruthless if you want your life to be changed do not wait till springtime to clear your clutter. Do it now or just simply take action as it happens.” she pointed out.

7. Do your own Statement of Assets and Liabilities

We have to see how and where our money went this year and how we spent or invested our money.

“Every year, on the last week, I do write down all my bank accounts and the amounts in each account, my credit card debts as of the day I am writing it (it can be viewed online already), the loan balance of the house or the car and if you have investments, mutual funds, insurances, stocks, properties, write it all there. It’s good to know if you have saved for the year and you’ll be surprised sometimes that you have spent less knowing that you are monitoring your assets and liabilities each year. Did you do that balloon payment you promised when you get your 13th-month pay? Did you hold off buying those trinkets at Pandora? Did you celebrate your successes within the budget you allotted? Writing this down really help. Believe me. Resolve to spend less and save/invest more in 2020.” she shared.

8. Rest and Relax

Lastly, don’t ever forget about this. Even machines need to rest for them to function properly what more else like a human being like us.

Penny also believed that it is important to relax and rest, even just for a day or two. Keep the gadgets all away and bond with family or friends.

“If you can also talk and have a quiet time with God that would be an excellent experience, remember that “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” as stated in Matthew 4:4.”, she added.

In Conclusion

Many of us are juggling and want to be the best person that we can be. That’s why we have to carefully plan our year and make every single day count. Because living a life with purpose makes us human.

About Penny Bongato

Penny is an author, a professional career and life coach and a motivational speaker.

She’s the author of Ask for a Bigger Blanket and Career Shift, Follow Your Passion.

She’s also the first Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and a Certified Canfield Methodology Trainer in the Philippines and in Asia.

She trained more than 50,000+ Filipinos on the success principles and has also moderated several workshops and panel discussions.

And delivered presentations in Amsterdam, Jakarta, Singapore, Mumbai, India, Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, Colombia and the Philippines, having been invited by various companies and organizations including government, corporations and academe.


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