Some exercise trends are all about intensity, seeing what can get us fitter, faster. A surprising new fitness fad is slowly rolling out across the country though, according to the New York Times: boutique stretching studios. (Yes, you read that right).

You can now pay for one-on-one stretching sessions at studios popping up around the U.S., geared towards those of us who are “perennially slouched” during the day, or for gym fanatics who don’t make time for decompression pre-or-post workout.

“Stretching is especially important in our modern world,” Diane Waye, owner of Stretching by the Bay in San Francisco, told the New York Times. “We need to keep our range of motion open to help prevent joint disease, pain and posture issues and to improve athletic performance.”

Keep in mind that the stretching offered at these studios is meant to complement your workout, not replace it. So maybe don’t cancel your regular gym membership just yet.

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