Let’s get the facts straight…

An important medical publication called the Harvard Health Letter has confirmed what most of us know from experience: “Sex is important to health.”

For example, they suggested that regularly engaging in sexual intercourse could be linked to lower rates of heart attack. Although, it might also be the case that those with healthier cardiovascular systems (who are thus already at lower risk) are also having more sex.

Or maybe it goes both ways. Especially for men, there does appear to be a therapeutic element of sex, due to the spikes in testosterone that come with it. What’s really interesting is that those spikes only come through intercourse—not masturbation. This has to do with a man’s altered mental state after sex, but not after self-pleasure.

Why talk about sex, testosterone, and all these other R-rated subjects? Two reasons:

First, it’s fun! I know you’re loving this as much as I am.

Second, it’s important. A healthy lifestyle is about much more than diet, and sex is important for your overall well-being.

So, let’s get nourished…in every. single. way.

Back to testosterone. Did you know that a man’s beard literally grows faster when he’s having sex? That’s how intense those hormonal spikes are. Interesting, yep, but we want to know about longevity, not just facial hair. And we’re not the first ones to ask.

A study on “sex and death” looked closely at the relationship between orgasm and mortality, and it found that those men who orgasmed frequently were at a 50% lower risk of premature death. For every 100 orgasms per year, their risk appeared to drop by an additional 36%.


Sex is healing. But we knew that already, hey?

An interesting side note from this study: extramarital sex did not have the same protective results. Men who cheat seem to actually be at higher risk of heart attack and stroke. This probably comes from all the stress.

But when we get our loving ethically, it can be just as nourishing as the healthy, plant-based foods we eat. Looking at the amazing benefits of sex, I believe the best advice I can give you is to go get some…as soon as possible!

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Originally published at wilddonna.com