The holiday season is in full swing as we focus on parties, dinners and special events to celebrate another year and prepare for the new decade. 

Most calendars are already crammed with business meetings and when we add seasonal social events it may begin to look a little hectic!

The question that has been on everyone’s mind in the last few weeks:

What are your survival tips for managing both time and energy for the holiday season?

It is actually a two part answer one with a focus on business and the other on self-care.

Here are a few suggestions from my clients on how they navigate the business of their business in December: 

  1. Breakfast meetings are a great way to save energy and time;
    start the day with a high energy client.
  2. When accepting invitations commit to either cocktails or dinner – this will allow for flexibility in your calendar and ease wardrobe considerations.
  3. Say no graciously, with gratitude and when possible suggest January alternatives.  There are only so many days in the week and nights in the calendar; be selective with invitations and consider requesting other members of your team attend on your behalf.
  4. Limit food and alcohol consumption especially if attending multiple events in one day – this will allow for restful sleep and contribute to the next days productivity.

The self-care list is a little more creative:

  1. Always, always, always wear your most comfortable shoes and if possible soak your feet when you get home; some even suggested staring the season with a pedicure.
  2. Sleep – at least 4 hours, wear a silk sleeping mask or one that is lavender scented; it will help with early morning rising and commitments.
  3. Drink plenty of water; hydration will assist with digestion and maintain body temperature.
  4. Be kind to your body and maintain your exercise routine; exercise will assist with the endorphin rush and the extra oxygen will keep up energy levels for the day ahead.
  5. Give yourself permission to bow out if you find that your commitments were just to ambitious, remember to call your host to let them know early in the day that you won’t be able to attend and send flowers with a festive note – a great way to maintain friendships.

I’m sure you will be able to add to the list but at the very least this may confirm your thoughts and support suggestions when you find that your overwhelmed.

The holiday season does not need to be stressful when we commit to a reasonable calendar and remember to be kind to ourselves.

Self-care is a great way to navigate the season both personally and professionally while enjoying the festivities of yet another year!

What is on your holiday survival list?

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner, and Certifed Personal Trainer, offering keynotes and workshops on how to amplify your business and …breaking barriers, starting meaningful conversations and creating a new definition for success.