Peter Crowe follows the philosophy of “I Don’t Know”, in the answer to all questions. What does this mean?

I have always trusted the universe and believed that it has my back, no matter what. I came to America with $200 and no job, 26 years ago, certain that I would succeed. I opened my life long dream, a wellness center, two years ago and am in the process of expanding in New York, and opening a second location in Los Angeles.  As soon as Covid began, and when I realized that we were going in to quarantine, I hit the ground running. My nature is to be driven and goal orientated, so I quickly adapted and moved my classes to a virtual platform,  started a Youtube channel and began selling my products online. Practiced Gratitude, Yoga and Meditated daily. I arrogantly thought, I got this, and was happy to be able to get some extra sleep and spend time with my teenage daughters, which I hadn’t had time to do for the past few years. 

After a few weeks, I started to lose my motivation, I didn’t feel pulled to promote the classes and sell the products, and couldn’t stop binge eating. My daughter baked a fresh cake daily, which I ate most of.  My exercise was reduced to 18 trips a day to the kitchen, to get a snack, I was judging myself so harshly for that. I felt like I was walking in molasses, and everything felt so much harder, even chatting on the phone and zoom calls. I often find myself in the role of cheerleader and can effortlessly help people to change their perspectives and move into a better place.  How is it possible that I can do that for others, yet I was struggling to do that for myself. I mean, I teach people how to manifest their dream lives. Why was I feeling so stuck?

I started to listen to Peter Crowe and everything that he said resonated with me and reminded me that I was going to be okay. 

So I stepped back, stopped trying to control my universe, and surrendered. I became actively passive. Instead of making myself crazy by wracking my brain for ideas to redesign and increase my business, I put in the work and just let go of the outcome. 

Think about the potential in that. I agreed that “I don’t know”, which didn’t mean that I didn’t care, it meant that I am open to any possibility, to any amazing outcome. Only because I am in quarantine, and can’t have a tattoo. I wrote that sentence on the inside of my wrist, as a constant reminder. 

As soon as I truly understood that, I felt such relief. Instead of trying to control the outcome, I found myself in a place of peace, paying attention to ideas and opportunities, but not trying to force them. Think of the FREEDOM in that. Peter Crone says his product is freedom. That is certainly true for me. 

The world as we knew it will never be the same. This is a time of truly stepping back and reevaluating, deciding what relationships and beliefs no longer serve us. There is so much duality in the  information constantly being presented to us,  in social media and the news, but WE get to decide what rings true to us.  I keep seeing statements like, “ It’s about navigating the new normal”. So I ask myself:  what does MY new normal look like?  

What if I could just step back, not judge myself so harshly, trust the universe, and accept that “I Don’t Know”, and embrace the power of uncertainty? I have learnt that there IS power in uncertainty in 2020. 

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