We’ve all heard the saying “Everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. There probably isn’t a mother, grandmother or even a girlfriend who hasn’t uttered these words numerous times when trying to comfort a heartbroken loved one. It’s almost become the perfect cliché or even rationalization used to reassure and encourage others that humans behaving badly is out of our hands.

Yet, besides being a blanket justification, is there actually some truth behind the popular philosophy? Does the universe truly have a diabolical plan when it comes to our relationships and experiences? And if so, what does it mean to be a season, reason or a lifetime friend?

This is what I’ve discovered.

When a ‘Reason Friend’ walks into your life, these bonds become incredibly important. They are the allies granted to you, to guide and teach the lessons you need to learn. These teachings can sometimes be hard and emotionally painful, but they make us very aware of how we need to change, grow and succeed. Embrace these magnificent friendships, but in the end, you must always learn to let go of them when you have absorbed everything you need. I promise, a new reason friend will be right around the corner.

The next incredible connection is the ‘Season Friend’. I always love these friends because we unconsciously call them into our life. These amazing folks appear when we crave a particular personality or experience. They are the unexpected whirlwind relationship we meet on vacation, at a party or even standing at a bus-top. They are called upon to remind us who we are or who we want to be. The meetings are short-term and generally exhilarating when they happen. They spark something within us and become great reminders in life when we need it.

A ‘Lifetime Friend’ is a glorious gift we are given. Their unconditional love and support help build the foundation of our lives. Sometimes they are family, childhood friends, partners or mentors. They are responsible for the lifelong lessons of love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. These will always be the dearest people in our lives, even if we don’t see them every day, that make everything worthwhile. Cherish and love these friendships and they will never let you down.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you if you believe synchronicity is at play. However, you must admit each one of these relationships have shown up in your life just when you needed it most — even if we didn’t want it. Pretty much proving that everyone does exist for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It’s just up to you to realize their role in your life and adjust accordingly.

So, no matter the circumstance, embrace, learn, love and let go when necessary and you will always succeed in the human experience.  

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  • Heidi Allen

    Positive People Army Founder, Chicken Soup For the Soul Author & Motivational Speaker

    Heidi Allen began her journey as a successful wedding photographer but knew she was supposed to be doing something bigger. Determined to make her mark and make a difference, her next careers-wedding gown store owner, lifestyle editor for a popular wedding magazine, co-host for a morning drive radio show-were the same. After working as a TV host, she settled on the Marilyn Denis Show as a makeover producer helping women transform their lives. All of a sudden something changed within her. She realized she was meant to motivate and inspire people on a larger level. The Positive People Army movement began. Heidi is also the author of Stories: Finding YOur Wings available at Indigo, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.