What does it mean to have a laptop lifestyle? The essence in my opinion is about FREEDOM. It means you are not tied to one location, and you are using technology and working online so no matter where you are around the globe you can operate your business. This is most people’s dream lifestyle!

I have spent many years doing more than a 9 – 5, and was trapped in my business and unable to even take regular vacations because my business just could not function without me. I believed I was the only one that could do the job properly and I ran myself ragged. I had no systems and processes in place as most of it was in my head and my business was totally reliant on me to succeed.

I got my wake up call when my daughter sat on my lap and sobbed ‘mommy I never see you anymore’, and I realised how seriously I had been neglecting my family, all the while believing that I was building my business for them and for our future but in reality I wasn’t present and there when my children needed me the most.

Thankfully I learnt the meaning of working ‘on’ my business instead of ‘in’ it and I put systems, processes/procedures and the right people in place, which allowed me to spend more time with my children, have the flexibility to attend school functions and have great family vacations.

I am leaving on the 16th May 2019 and travelling to New Zealand for 3 months and will be testing out whether it is possible to have a true laptop lifestyle! No I will not be sitting on the beach with my laptop (frankly have you ever tried that – you can’t even see the screen in the sunlight and all that sand is just a nuisance 🙂 ) To me having a laptop lifestyle is having the freedom to work anywhere in the world.

I will be video’ing and documenting the entire process, the trip itself and giving you the positives and negatives of this type of lifestyle – warts and all !

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