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You have a big list of goals, right? Which one excites you the most? What’s the biggest one?

Why haven’t you created it yet?

Part of the delay is because of all the time spent in your head imagining and planning your dream goal.

I know I do this. I get really excited and start thinking about all the details and the biggest, most kick-ass outcome that can happen.

Then my brain starts to go after related projects. There are so many possibilities and they all look delicious!

Wow, next thing I know, poof, the original idea has nearly evaporated, and I have little to show for my efforts.

I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s easy to find your focus slipping toward just about anything other than actually doing the work.

How many followers have I gained? What’s my sales trajectory? How can I improve on my idea? How much money can I make? Will I be famous? How can I delegate the work? Will I get overwhelmed? What’s the next phase going to look like? What if I fail? What if I succeed? What’s next?

What’s the solution? We’re supposed to visualize what we want, right?

Set aside a time each day for your day dreaming.

Put it on the calendar. This is your creative time, so it’s important. Great ideas can come forth during this time.

I like to combine it with my journaling time or when I’m taking a walk. Those are moments where I can just let my thoughts out on the playground to run around.

The key is to treat this time like any other healthy habit. You set aside time to exercise and for spiritual practices, time for continuing education, time to bang out your work, time with your family….

Do the same for your daydreaming.

Even setting aside 10 minutes a day to daydream can help you be more focused on the actual doing part the rest of the day.

If I find myself daydreaming at other times throughout the day, I remind myself it’s not the time for that.

If I happen to get an idea that has traction, I can write down a quick note in my notebook and go back to it later.

If I find myself really spinning in circles, I use this simple but powerful question to get me right back on track:

What would the person you want to become do today?

The allure of idea creation is strong.

“I always start a film thinking I know how to do it, then I learn all over again.” Mia Wasikowska

I get it, the creation part is really fun, and it feels good!

Who wouldn’t rather spend their time coming up with exciting ideas instead of doing the tedious grunt work?

But in the end, daydreaming and excessive planning are putting your real dreams on hold. Day after day after day.

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