What does winning mean to you?

Is winning the most important thing?

Can the least of anything be a winner?

Is winning a short-lived feeling?

When is winning losing?

Is winning like a religion in our society?

Do we worship winners?

Do you have to be super competitive to be a winner?

Can someone be a good loser?

Can you be a winner in sports or work and a loser in life?

Is rationalizing a sign of a loser?

Is a loser the opposite of a winner?

Is a winner someone who has to be at the head of a line?

Can you name five winners and explain why?

What role do parents have in their children winning?

Does winning affect our mental health?

Do some kids try extra hard just to please their parents?

What is the relationship of ego and winning?

What are the personality traits of a winner?

How does a winner stay a winner?

Is too much emphasis put on winning in our society?

Is winning all about “the man in the arena”?

Is not losing more important than winning?

What is the association between someone’s bank account and being a winner?

Can wearing someone’s logo say “that guy’s a winner”?

Would you say that someone who Thrives is a winner?

Let’s hear from you. Would love to have a dialogue about your thoughts on winning.

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