As we all know, relationships take time and dedication. The love you feel for another person needs to be tended to like a flower. The attention we give it is what makes it blossom. After a long time though, the love we feel can fade. This happens because we’re usually too busy to tend to that flower and after a while, its wilting becomes normal because we forget how beautiful it once was. Yet, all is not lost, because the care still exists. All you need to do is redirect your energy towards restoring the flower’s true splendour.

Show affection

Affection is usually the first thing that fades away in a relationship due to our busy lifestyles. We forget that our love still needs to feel wanted. In long marriages, this is taken for granted. So, throughout the day, make sure you show your spouse you love them.

This can be done with compliments, holding hands, kisses, hugs, and cuddle sessions. You can start small and build up to more, but be sure that even a simple “You look beautiful today” will fix your spouse’s day and bring you closer. Simple gestures such as squeezing their arm or kissing them on your way out also do the trick. A good idea is to start doing the things you wish your partner would do to you. After a bit, they will.

Communicate better

Sometimes it’s hard to talk to our spouses about things that bother us because we’re afraid we’ll hurt them. Without proper communication though, everything falls apart. It’s necessary to have everything out in the open and to talk to each other about what bothers you.

Other times communication means figuring out each other’s love languages. We communicate in different ways, and it’s important to notice how our partner is trying to show us they love us. For example, if they surprise us with gifts, it’s their way of showing us they were thinking of us. Even if we don’t care about gifts, we should understand the message behind them- “I love you”. Thus, we should return those words in the same way so our partner will get the message clearly.

Find something you can do together

It’s also common that couples grow apart after a while. To grow closer, you can pick an activity you both like. It can be something you used to do together when you were younger, or something completely new. It’s even a good idea to choose something that completely out of your comfort zones. This way, you’ll grow together.

Spending quality time together is great bonding and will give you new things to talk about. You can try pottery or cooking classes, dancing, or even just taking walks together. Another good idea for those who prefer staying indoors is reading or starting a new show together.

Surprise your partner

Daily routines have a tendency to wear us down. What’s more, after some time, we stop expecting new things. That’s why we often get bored in our relationships and don’t really feel the excitement we felt around our partner. So it’s a great idea to surprise your loved one.

The surprises don’t have to be big or in the forms of gifts. Just do something you know your spouse will love. That can be cleaning the apartment so they don’t have to, surprising them with a weekend getaway, or initiating dates. The important thing is to keep them on their toes. You can start small and surprise your spouse for lunch at work, for example.

Go on a second honeymoon

The honeymoon phase is the best one in a relationship because it’s the time when you feel closest to your spouse. No one said you can’t bring it back. Going on a vacation by yourselves is a great way to rekindle your romance and reconnect.

Make sure to have enough privacy so that you really spend time together. Choose a destination perfect for relaxation, and don’t splurge on accommodation. Staying in private villas in Bali or Morocco or the Caribbean is a great example of the type of place that offers a plethora of opportunities for relaxation and bonding.


Even though it sometimes seems that all hope is lost, there are still ways to fall in love all over again. The important thing is to remember this person has been with you through thick and thin and that you’ve chosen to spend your life with them for a reason. Relationships take work and it’s alright if they’re not always perfect; we’re only human after all. We’re confident that you’ll be able to regain the happiness you once had if you put in the effort and time.