It’s not happy people who are then grateful, it’s grateful people who are happy.

We’ve learned gratitude is scientifically proven to increase happiness and decrease depression, but practicing gratitude can get a little stale.
As the creator of the fun drawing based goal-getting gratitude journal, Drawn Dreams, I have some solid and effective tips to share to really tap into the joyous feelings of gratitude.

Tip # 1: Ask Why!

Quick, think of something you’re grateful for.
Now ask why! Think about why you appreciate this blessing, why it lights you up.
Allow yourself to come up with some answers.
This really raises your vibration, brings you to the present moment, and engulfs you with the warm feelings of gratitude.

Tip # 2: Draw Your Gratitude!

This creates a whole picture of what you appreciate, and you can’t help but be thrown into the middle of the scene. This fun visualization technique encourages you to stay present and feel the joy that gratitude brings.
You don’t even have to be an artist for this form of art therapy; you’ll know what you meant to draw and that’s all that matters.
Not only will your gratitude morph into joy, but your sketch just may make you crack a smile as well. If this peaks your interest you’ll enjoy the journal I created, Drawn Dreams.

Tip # 3: Play the Gratitude Game!

Grab a buddy or phone a friend, and play the gratitude game.
This is a little game we play when my husband or myself are in a negative mood.

How to Play: take turns declaring what you’re grateful for!
Me: I’m grateful for ___
You: I’m grateful for ___
Keep focused on this game and the topic of gratitude and keep playing until you both feel better!

Tip # 4: Make Gratitude a Habit

First thing in the morning before you check your phone.
Think of 1 thing you’re grateful for and ask WHY.

This kick-starts your day in the best way possible!
When you wake up your mind is blank and you’re refreshed. Infusing yourself with positivity first thing will set you up for an awesome day.

Or, before every supper, make it a tradition to go around the dinner table and list everything you’re grateful for in that moment.

Tip # 5: Show the World You’re Grateful!

It’s cool to be grateful; the last thing anyone wants to do is hang out with an ungrateful piece of –you get the point.

Are you grateful for the awesome time you had with a friend the other night? Tell them!
Appreciate the meal your mom recently made you? Let her know!
Have an a’ha moment from something you learned from a wise teacher? Share the tip with others!
Think a friend looks great in their recent Insta pic? Leave a compliment in the comments!
Do you appreciate the dog shelter in your neighbourhood? Volunteer some time there!

You’ll make a difference in the world, you’ll uplift random lives, you’ll feel like you have a purpose, plus it will encourage others to also show this world how grateful they are!

Share which tip you enjoyed, find me online: @MaddieJoA & @DrawnDream5!

Maddie-Jo Anderson, Author/Creator of Drawn Dreams Manifesting Gratitude Journal.