Hi there, I’m Tanner Kennedy, Founder of The Own Your Worth Project and I help women use the Law of Attraction to manifest more love, wealth and abundance into their lives.

In this video, it’s actually the second video in a series called the 5 Secrets To Effortlessly Attract More Money, I’m going to teach you about secret #2 just here in a second.

Secret number 2 is to release chaos from your life.

What I mean by this is the internal chaos. Because whatever we are feeling internally is what we see happening externally in our lives.

So by releasing the inner chaos, we are allowing money to be attracted to us.

Because money is repelled by chaos.

Money wants to know it has a safe, secure foundation on which it can rest and grow.

Basically, money has a mind of it’s own.

It’s like a person and it wants to make that it’s going to be on a strong foundation.

As you are beginning to put the tools in place to manifest more money chaos is naturally going to emerge.

Because it’s part of the process of opening up energetically to allow yourself to receive more financial abundance.

So just because you experience internal chaos doesn’t mean there is anything wrong.

It means everything is going right.

But the secret is to begin to release this chaos so you can open a space where money feels safer to reside in your hands, in your pocket and in your life.

One tool that is use to begin to release chaos it to notice when i’m having a negative emotion and honoring it.

So by listening to that emotion, letting it be seen, saying okay I feel this way.

And saying it’s ok and then it will naturally release from your psyche, from your body, from your emotional being and then you have opened up space to receive more abundance.

So that is secret #2 in the 5 Secrets To Effortlessly Attract More Money.

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Originally published at theownyourworthproject.com