They often say when we step into adult hood we tend to lose our childlike nature. We forget the authentic joy of living and we stop looking through the eyes of a child.

As children we would live in the present moment, we didn’t care what people thought of us, and we freely expressed ourselves without limitations.

I often challenge people to look back to the child they once were and ask her/him what she/he thinks of you today.

When you tap into the essence of a child’s eyes, the world is a magical place.

Our inner child never leaves. It always exists inside our hearts and minds.

If you look deep enough, it’s possible.

For some, it’s soul searching.

For others, it’s effortless to tap into their rambunctious thoughts and remember how wonderful it was to be a kid.

So perhaps ask yourself:

Are you a child trapped in an adult’s body?

You’re really 50 going on 6?

Is your inner child trapped waiting to be lit up?

Wanting to reach out from within.

Do you divide desserts to make sure you get the biggest portion?

Is your favorite aisle in the supermarket where the chips are?

Does toilet humor still crack you up?

When you think no one is looking in Bunnings do you go zipping down the aisles and let one rip, thinking that no one will know?

Are you the one who goes walk about when your wife goes shopping and she finds you among the mannequins in a lingerie store?

Or perhaps you’re tired of walking around the shopping center you decide to take a taxi ride?

And if that’s not enough, you need to grab some boobs because that would be funny.

You see, that’s my husband.

The little boy within the man’s body.

His inner child always ready to play.

You see his creativity l admire. He expresses himself and finds so much joy in doing so. He doesn’t worry about being judged, he creates whatever comes to mind and in doing so he adds to my life.

My husband reminds me of how important it is to express your creativity and to tap into the essence inside you.

He does not hide for fear of being judged, he does not seek approval whether it appropriate or not, he taps into his creative child and no apologies are needed.

He reminds us that it is our responsibility to share it with the world.


Angela Kambouris Consultancy

Originally published at on January 15, 2017.

Originally published at