At Real Life Medicine, our philosophy is that long term weight loss is about addressing the biological causes of weight gain (hormones) and the psychological causes (mindset). 

In today’s block, we are going to chat about FOMO. 

Fear of Missing Out. 

FOMO is another of the mind blocks that need overcoming.

These are some of the stories in our heads.

They go something like this. 

“I can’t lose weight because I hate missing out.” 

“Whenever I go on a diet all I think about is the food I can’t have.”

“What will I do when we go out for coffee and cake and everyone else is eating cake and I can’t have any?”

“It’s not fair! Everyone else is eating it and I’m not allowed.”

“I don’t know what to do when everyone else is eating pizza and I can’t”

“I don’t want to be the negative Nancy that doesn’t eat the yummy food”

“Do you mean that I have to give up popcorn at the movies?”

These stories are common.

There are many deep-seated beliefs around this. 

The first thing to ask yourself here is, what are you missing out on exactly? 

Many people will respond with…”Well, all the yummy food!”

Some of these “yummy foods” are dreadfully toxic to our bodies. 

Sugar, refined carbohydrates, seed oils all cause inflammation in our body. 

These are found in every processed product-even the “good” ones.

Most bread, dips, crackers, cereal, sauces, spice mixes have one or more of these harmful ingredients.

Inflammation is the root cause of many of our chronic diseases.

So really, you are saving yourself from them, not missing out. 

All that you are missing out on here is cheap, nasty, chemical-laden shitty junk. 

When we reframe it in that sense, are you really missing out?

Language around food is important.

The word “can’t” implies some loss of control. 

As though you have no say in it; some external force is choosing this for you

It implies you are not in charge. 

It is important to acknowledge that you are in charge. 

Take ownership

This is your bus and you are driving it!

You’re not a victim. You can eat whatever you want but…

It is not without consequences…

And right now you are choosing permanent weight loss and health.

You all know my favourite line,

“I don’t eat cake”…

“I don’t eat bread”…

“I don’t eat doughnuts”…

In my head, the words are “I don’t eat cheap, nasty, chemical-laden shitty junk”…

But that seems a bit rude, so I don’t say that our loud.

And do you know what? 

I still have heaps of friends! 

No one calls me Negative Nancy. 

I never feel like I’m missing out. 

I haven’t given up anything. I’ve made some swaps.

I’ve traded carbs for fat, protein, and salt.

I’ve swapped chips for haloumi cheese.

I’ve traded lollies for berries and cream.

I’ve traded hunger for satiety.

I’ve swapped lethargy for energy.

I’ve swapped size18 for size 12. 

But most of all I’ve traded the arguing in my head for peace of mind.

My boundaries are clear.

I really enjoy nutrient-dense, delicious food. 

I look forward to my meals.

By the time I eat them, I am pleasantly hungry and real food tastes incredible when you are a little bit hungry. 

Honestly, mind blocks, food blocks, mindset whatever you want to call it, is so important to address for long term weight loss.

If you don’t embrace these changes, then they won’t last. 

Embrace them with gusto. 

Don’t fight them, 

Don’t hide from them

It takes time.

It takes practice 

But the rewards are priceless. 

We have a community of wonderful women embracing long term mind shifts, in our Inner Circle called Real Life Momentum. 

The Real Life Momentum Inner Circle is where the transformations are taking place and we are so proud of our gorgeous girls. 

They are kicking goals “for themselves but not by themselves”.

If you’re looking for support in both low carb nutrition and long term mindset change then

we’d love you to join the inner circle and be part of this incredible community. You will kick your own goals and reclaim your health forever!  

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See you on the inside!

With love and good health, 

Lucy and Mary

Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson 

Real Life Medicine