is your self-care helping you?

Sometimes life gets you down and you need a quick pick-me-up. Or you’ve been neglecting yourself and feel a little too close to burnout. Or maybe you need to motivate yourself to do something you should do.

For me, I had been reaching for the wrong things in the name of “treating myself.”. In fact, my self-care started looking like a not-so-small sugar addiction.

Do I feel sad? Reach for chocolate.

Am I stressed? Reach for chocolate.

Am I tired? Reach for chocolate.

Thus, I knew it was time to find better alternatives. And real (healthy) ways to make me feel good.

Now, self-care can make you feel indulgent. Luxurious even.

So check out these fun and easy ways to put yourself in the right frame of mind, while nourishing your body, mind, and soul.

1. Give Yourself a Night Off

First, the BEST way to treat yourself is to take time for your mental health. Enjoy whatever it is you want to do for an evening with no guilt.

This is free and it’s what most of us need to do more of – to allow ourselves to relax and enjoy life.

(I now force myself to do this once a week as a rule. Otherwise, I push myself to the limits without ever refilling my cup.)

2. Explore Nature

Take a 30-minute walk by trees to meander and think. Let your body unwind and become grounded.

3. Have Fun With Friends

Or family. Or a date night. It doesn’t matter what you do if you’re connecting with someone you love.

4. Listen to Your Favorite Music

Next, put the music up loud and dance. Then, belt out those tunes. Let yourself go for a time.

5. Look at a Beautiful Piece of Art

A photograph. Or a painting. Or watching Hamilton for the five thousandth time.:)

Sometimes, what our soul needs most is to be touched by pure inspiration and mastery.

6. Move Your Body

Getting your sweat on is scientifically proven to make you feel amazing. It has all sorts of other benefits like better sleep and lower depression too. If you pick one thing off of this list, this should be the one you do!

Make this a fun bike ride, group workout, or simple jog on a beautiful trail.

This is just the beginning!

These are just a few ideas for you. You can find more at this ideas list of self-care things to do.

What if you’re afraid to take the time?

Now, let’s face it. Our culture is set up to work, work, work.

When we rest, we feel guilty. I feel this way too, and it’s so frustrating!

But I’d like to present a case study: Oprah. Did you know she takes a bath every night?

So do MANY other highly impactful women.

Why do we care? Well, there’s a lesson here.

Work hard, but also REST hard. And do it as part of your routine.

This quote says it another way… “Sis, breathe… There is no award for overworked female of the year.” – @coffeemomandrepeat

Often, we believe we must DO ALL THE THINGS. But with so many women feeling the squeeze, let’s remember to breathe.

There’s no gold at the end of the burnout rainbow. So this week, give yourself permission to ignore some things. Let stuff go. And REST. Like Oprah. That woman moves mountains and she has time for a bath every night…

In Conclusion

Skyrocket your health, wellness, and productivity with better routines! Ones that include true self-care daily. And don’t forget to check out that full list of great ideas to help!