Now the sun is in the sign of Cancer, where it is from June 21str until July 22nd depending on the year, pulling them from the subtle beams of moonlight to the full glow of the sun. All signs of the zodiac are ruled by a planet, Sun or the Moon. Cancers are ruled by the Moon. Note the round shape of the full moon frequently visible on their faces and bodies. Beneath the harsh rays of Sun is not the most comfortable place for most Cancers though, it is the natural space for Leos. Even when Cancers have put themselves in the bright lights, their little voice inside often asks why they did that. But don’t think them weak. Their defensive mode is a sideward movement and if you insist on going to where they are after they’ve tried to avoid conflict, you will be greeted by a fearless fighter. Once you arrive, you will find that they have all the while been planning their defense and exit strategy and are ready for the battle. Think Nelson Mandela, Danny Glover, Lady Diana.

Every planet is in charge of very specific parts of life. For example: Mars is in charge of going after what you want. Venus is in charge of what you want and value. So, Venus says this is what I want and Mars says this is how you get it. As the planets travel they form angles with each other. And like relationships with people, the angles they form are mirrored by events in our lives. When the celestial bodies are close they blend energies, when they form a square, they indeed square off and jockey for position. When in opposition they do indeed oppose each other.

Currently, you Cancers are experiencing the most profound challenges of your life. And many of you feel that you are engaged in battle. And you are.

It’s no wonder that Arianna Huffington, born under the sign of Cancer, birthed THRIVE.

Right now, Pluto the planet representing birth, death, and regeneration is opposing the sign Cancer. How is it mirrored? Relationships are dissolving in their lives shaking their foundation of emotional security, something they value enormously. Cancers from the deepest parts of themselves outward, are being forced to redefine and rebuild themselves completely.

Here are ten things Cancers can do to grow:

1. Stop procrastinating.

Cancers can be some of the worse procrastinators on the planet. Don’t let lack of confidence or fear stop you from sharing your gifts and talents. Begin with a plan consisting of small easily- doable steps. When you start to veer, think a lot about what you will gain once your project is completed.

2. Let go of people and things that are trying to leave.

This is a growing phase for Cancer. A large number of you are losing intimate partners and other important people in your lives. Deaths and divorces are more common now. The tenacious grip of the crab is not wise in these cases. It will merely exhaust you because what is not meant to stay will not. Release anger. You must go to gratitude. Give thanks for the good times you have shared with the people who are moving on.

3. Find where you belong.

Where do I belong? That is a question many Cancers confront in their lives. Known as the homebodies of the zodiac it is surprising to some that Cancers often have a hard time establishing a home in which they feel secure and rooted. You have a protective shell for a reason. Remember too that the shell is shed at various stages in the life of the crab because of growth. The security you seek is truly inside. Join a group that nurtures or allows you to share a talent or skill you have. Find your tribe. The me generation is dead. The WE generation is running the show now. The beauty and strength of collaboration is being celebrated and birthing incredible things. The African proverb is true: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

4. Determine the source of your mood.

The strongly intuitive nature of Moon Children means that they pick up instantaneously what is “in the air.” Your antennae immediately detect the moods and feelings of others. Mamas know when their babies are not well. When your mood suddenly shifts, note when the shift happened. Did you enter an environment that made you feel uncomfortable or playful? In the midst of a conversation with someone, did you feel a surge of feeling?

5. Let yourself be mothered.

You want to be everybody’s mother. Accept help and protectiveness from others. It is not a sign of weakness and an abdication of your position. It is something you deserve. I am talking about you Cancer men as well. Men can be mothering. In fact, the feminine energy Cancer men have can be challenging to deal with and misunderstood. Moon children rule motherhood. Nothing is stronger than the will of a species to reproduce. Cancers are believed by many to be the strongest sign.

6. Take care to eat well.

The body of the Cancer is often easily recognizable. The roundness of body and those big round eyes are often the Moon’s mark. Every sign has a part of the body more susceptible to weakness. For Cancers, it is the stomach. In this current cycle, the sensitive stomach and digestive system of Moon Babies are, in general, under more stress than usual. Eating smaller amounts and more often will work better for you. Proper hygiene during the food preparation process is vital. A bacteria others may shake off may impact you more forcefully.

7. Don’t be so touchy.

You cannot control the action you feel is being directed at you but you can control your response. Sometimes you are not the intended target of anger or jealousy but a convenient outlet.

8. Don’t doubt your strength.

Cancers are the patient warriors often fighting for justice and fairness. The same determination of fellow Cancerians: Nelson Mandela, Thurgood Marshall, Diahann Carroll, Dalai Lama, Elon Musk, Danny Glover, Diana Princess of Wales, Meryl Streep, Helen Keller, and others is inside you.


Meditate calling forward the empowering spirits of your fellow Cancers to meet your best self. Do a ritual at the full moon. Ask the knowledge of the moon to enter you entirely and to guide you. She listens.

10. Sleep adequately.

You do need adequate rest to be your best. For some of you the sensitivity is even to the degree that the changing of signs of the moon and the full moon itself really shakes you up. Nap when you can. If you feel stress and there is absolutely no place to go, stop where you are, and take wonderful deep breaths closing your eyes or making your gaze intentionally soft.

To all you Cancers, have a happy trip around the Sun.