Countless artists and musicians dream of the day that they can break through the music scene and go from “starving artist” to “well-paid thriving artist.” Unfortunately, not all talent gets discovered by companies, are starting to get overcrowded.

That’s where professionals like Isabella Bedoya come in. A former artist and repertoire officer for one of the biggest labels, she knows what it takes to build a musician up for the big stage. Isabella is the owner and founder of The Fame Hackers, a four-step program for musicians that want to build their brand and create a career out of their passion. Isabella uses her industry experience and cutting-edge strategies to help musicians create income streams from their music, attract fans and followers, and become successful professional artists. 

FAME stands for Foundation, Audience, Monetization, and Exposure, which stands for the programs aim to create a foundation for artists that will help them build an audience, monetize, and gain exposure. The Fame Hackers’ program exists to help break the “starving artist” stigma that prevents many artists from pursuing a career in music.

Through her program, the music marketing expert teaches musicians the six shifts necessary to start earning from their music. Her goal is to help promising artists find their way into the music industry and provide them with the tools to build long-term success as a professional recording artist. Her program has helped artists create careers out of their love for music and accelerate their music growth by teaching them how to reach their desired outcomes.

Isabella started her career in music as the Head of A&R for a label under Sony Music in Los Angeles, California. Her role taught her how to build systems and protocols to find and develop rising talent and bring them into the label. Primarily, she focused her search efforts on social media, where she found some of the best talents. She was also one of the committees that mounted the “Ultra Music Festival” in Miami. She worked with the Passport Team to build a memorable experience for recurring and VIP festival-goers, with gold or platinum membership status. 

Later on, Isabella moved to work for a leading social media and influencer marketing agency that helps brands build substantial followings on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Through her work with the agency, she gained exposure to more connections and strategies implemented at Google, Snap, Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music Group, Vestiaire Collective, OYO, Ablo, BIGO Live, Basic Fun, and many others. 

Through her years of experience, Isabella has discovered a blueprint for music industry success. She uses her talents to help up-and-coming artists make the necessary shifts to connect with more labels and advance in their careers.

Isabella has had the privilege to work with some of the biggest celebrities, influencers, and award-winning professionals in the music industry in the last five years. She has also brought to life the musical careers of several independent artists who have now become massive hits. Isabella has spoken at the Musicians Institute and appeared on the Beat the Clock Podcast. She has also appeared on multiple music publications all around the country, such as Music Industry Weekly, Medium, and USA Today, to name a few.

To learn more about Isabella Bedoya, visit The Fame Hacker’s website or Isabella’s LinkedIn.