Isabella Mastrodicasa

In her role as a talent manager and producer at Heroes and Villains Entertainment, Isabella Mastrodicasa does just that, representing unique female voices and producing compelling stories. 

With a background that includes working on award-winning documentaries and shorts, judging prestigious film festivals, and producing for film and television, Isabella continues her work with an emphasis on both diversity and international content.

As a storytelling enthusiast and a female immigrant, she loves original stories and finds herself drawn to the inspiring messages and talent that other fellow women offer. During the pandemic, she found herself working with more digital platforms.

Through her many connections and expertise, she works with social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and many more while also incorporating her work into magazines and podcasts as well. In turn, large brands and networks hire her clients to create content that reflects their message and spreads awareness, offering exposure to multiple amazing creatives and their impressive array of work.

Working with and guiding talented creators gives them the chance to fully express themselves through multiple channels. It allows them to feel both supported and appreciated so that they can reach their full potential.

While starting her pattern as a law student Isabella soon realized that she needed to listen to her gut and after earning a bachelor’s and master of science in law in Milan, she found herself in California to pursue a life-long dream of making movies and to study film. With immense hard work and dedication, she’s been able to collaborate with some of the most well-renowned writers and directors in Hollywood, and with top creators from the digital community. The role and ability to represent storytellers is one that she loves, and the entertainment industry provides an amazing and dynamic pace, a broad range of voices, and an extensive pool of opportunities for ambitious people like her.