Hello, here’s another edition of my ‘It all starts from the inside’ in Thrive Global. Please feel free to share my post if you believe there is value in doing so.

When I’m stressed, I lift my mind up

So when I say “lift”, what does that actually mean?
Well, it’s sort of like opening my eyes wider, rolling it side to side and breathing in/out slightly longer than usual. When I do this, I seem to feel the presence around me more strongly and wake myself up from the burrowing negative mind. As you probably know, when in a stressed moment, all the negativity from your brain starts, then connects the dots to make it significant to affect your well-being. You might have another way of replicating the ‘lift’. Try mine, or share yours.

Cherish those small moments, because they are bigger than what you think

There are couple of routines I’ve built in my day to day life that are very small in scale, but brings lots of joy and smile. For example, before I leave my home for work, I would kiss my wife a dozen times before leaving. Then when I put on my shoes at the door front, I look at the mirror of myself and then smile and say something positive. In those couple of minutes, I have expressed and shared my love, a smile and a positive message to start the morning! If I compared myself before I started doing this, I would say something quiet to my wife, look at the mirror and say “another day..” and then start the morning. It is a big difference.

Share the good reads, because it could make a big difference

I am a big advocate of Thrive Global but I personally find myself a little shy of introducing the website or likewise to those people around me. It feels I’ll receive a thought provoking message like “what a nerd” or “Andrew is serious about his life!”. If I think about it, it always makes sense to easily adopt the shares in a professional setting but a little different when it’s in a personal setting. Do you know what I mean? It could be my own perspective. So my aim before the next edition of ‘It all starts from the inside’ is, I will have shared my good reads to another person.


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