I like reading self-development books, random articles on LinkedIn, local newspapers and obviously Thrive Global posts. From these readings, I would like to share the insights that I have gained that plays a role within me and those around, both personally and professionally.

“I need to love myself, believe and hold tight”

That’s the mindset I try to keep, to step back up from times of down.

“Do at least one thing consistent each day at home”

I aim to do the dish washing each night, to bring habit to life, keep cleanliness to our home but also show appreciation to my family for cooking a delicious meal.

“Slow down”

That’s when I do something at a rush without thinking. But also when I drive, because that’s a time when I can keep at a steady pace, listen and view the surroundings and feel my senses.

“Don’t try to please people with no heart in mind”

I sometimes see those who act in different ways when they speak with people at normal surroundings vs. a meeting with a leader. All I see is a person only showing untruthful interest with no heart in mind. Be yourself at all times, because others can read you.

“You’re old when your mind, heart and soul is old”

My parents introduced me to some quotes from the book ‘Youth’ by Samuel Ullman. Have a read, it will bring motivation to your life during any time of your life cycle, and why age really is just a number. My dad recently competed in the 15 km fin-swimming competition. Apparently he was the oldest attendee to finish the swim. He did not give up.

What are yours?


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