Misty Phillip, the founder of Spark Media, LLC, often describes herself as a dreamer, a doer, and a connector of people. In February 2020, just weeks before the COVID-19 outbreak, she found herself hosting a conference for faith-based podcasters. After the event, Misty strongly felt that attendees could benefit from remaining connected. Little did she know, the world around her would come to a screeching halt and that the connections that formed would be vital to the sustained mental well-being of the conference attendees. During the months following the event, she worked diligently to ensure that no one was isolated, that resources were provided, and that faith-based professionals had a place to feel seen and heard. She launched a thriving membership community, hosted a virtual summit, and is now equipping podcasters worldwide with the tools that they need to succeed in a post-pandemic world.

This is Misty’s story of perseverance, passion, and entrepreneurial strength. It all started with a spark!

Was there a moment in your podcasting career that helped you realize your potential to connect and educate others around the subject?

I have always had a gift for gathering people. I hosted a large Mastermind group of women in my home for several years before hosting the Spark Conference, the Spark Now Summit, and founding my membership community, the Spark Collective. I feel that gathering faith-based communicators is both a passion and gifting of mine. I am walking wholeheartedly in my calling and purpose and having a blast doing it. Connecting other like-minded individuals brings me joy!”

What has podcasting during COVID-19 looked like for you?

Podcasting is an incredible medium for spreading messages of hope to the ends of the Earth. During COVID-19, I have seen the popularity podcasting increase. Those who are confined to their homes have picked up new hobbies; podcasting is a common one. The majority of these new podcasters are looking to advance their knowledge and skills. For me, podcasting is the same as it always has been. I have the opportunity to share my message from the comfort of my own home. Though people are spread across nations and dealing with varying levels of restrictions, podcasting is a way for us to remain connected.

How has Spark Media sought to serve faith-based podcasters as they navigate this uncertain season?

One of the central aspects of Spark Media is community. My team and I work to ensure that our mission and vision are upheld, even amid hardships that have come our way during this season. We know that equipping and empowering Christian podcasters to share the messages that God has given them is why we do what we do and never want to lose sight of that. So, we provide resources that will meet our consumers right where they are at – mentally, spiritually, and relationally. We believe that each podcaster has a unique role to fill, and we want to empower them to walk in their purposes and callings.

I know that you have an incredible event coming up. Can you share a bit about that and how you see Spark Media partnering to make positive changes within the podcasting industry?

Sure. In November of 2020, I began having discussions with the National Religious Broadcasting Association. My team and I will be partnering with them to bring an affiliate event to the 2021 NRB Christian Media Convention from June 22nd-24th, 2021. The event will be an excellent opportunity for those in the podcasting and media industries to connect and network with one another. Spark Media seeks to ignite positive and innovative change in the podcasting industry through strategic partnerships such as this one. We want to provide a unique space for faith-based podcasters to flourish and to expand their spheres of influence.

You often say, “all it takes is a Spark!” Can you share a little about how Spark Media ignites the passion and purpose of podcasters worldwide?

Absolutely. Spark Media equips and empowers Christian podcasters to share messages that make lasting impacts on the communities in which our podcasters reside and on the world as a whole. Spark Media brings together experts who are passionately pursuing their purposes and provides podcasting resources professionally.

Thank you, Misty, for allowing me to share your story. Thank you for the work that you do and the impact that you are making on the podcasting industry.

Misty Phillip addresses the crowd at the Spark Christian Podcast Conference in February 2020.