A recent trip to New York City was at a special time of year when the atmosphere was filled with hope, promise, peace and joy…it became a magical experience.

There was a lot of kindness in the air and everyone I met shared a smile, said hello and a few even wished you a Happy Holiday! 

Whenever we visit a new place we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture of the city.  Attending art galleries, museums and historical points of interest expands our knowledge and we often share these stories with our friends and family. We meet people and start conversations with both residents and visitors that creates new connections to both time and place.

Our experience builds memories…

One special memory was a “kindness wall” filled with quotes, comments and best wishes. The patrons of this coffee shop wrote messages on the sticky notes provided and shared them as a reminder of our good will towards men.

At the same time, we take photo’s and purchase souvenirs to remind us of our visit, leaving an impression that we use in our own diary for life.

On this particular trip, I began to draw a few parallels to not only life experience but personal growth and I began to think of how these memories shape and form not only who we are but who we become in the future.  It builds our emotional intelligence, life skills that contribute to our wealth and wellbeing while creating a personal awareness through experiential learning.

Travel is not only exciting but fuels our passion for adventure taking us outside our comfort zone while we explore things that are different and often extra ordinary.

We start each trip filled with excitement, looking forward to things both new and innovative and as we journey home we are grateful for every experience.

What are the lasting benefits?

  1. Social Responsibility
    We have a new appreciation for life when visiting a foreign city because we have the ability to compare the cultural nuances of how we live, work and play.  By definition “social responsibility involves acting responsibly, increasing our social consciousness and showing concern for the greater community.” We often return with a new appreciation for the city we call home.
  2. Self-Actualization
    Each new experience expands our knowledge and the places that we visit are often educational. “Self-actualization is the willingness to persistently try to improve oneself and engage in the pursuit of personally relevant and meaningful objectives that lead to a rich and enjoyable life.”  Museums and art galleries connect us with the history associated with the city and our curiosity leaves us with a new appreciation for the people who build and contribute to these communities. 
  3. Flexibility 
    Flexiblity is adapting emotions, thoughts and behaviors to  unfamiliar, unpredictable, and dynamic circumstances or ideas.”  You cannot travel without embracing change, becoming adaptable and welcoming flexibility.  Half the fun is exploring unknown territory and going with the ebb and flow of each new experience. Being flexible leads to our best memories.

I think that we all reach an age or stage in life where we are looking for new experiences that will expand our horizons creating an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

I doubt when we are planing our next adventure that we think about the long term benefits but we definitely begin and end each experience with a feeling of gratitude.

Being grateful for all that we experience contributes to the magic.

Travel, creates not only a feel good experience but encourages magical moments that we treasure for years to come.

Gratitude and magic…two things that welcome opportunities and fuel our passion for life.

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner,  and Certifed in Emotional Intelligence, offering keynotes and workshops on how to amplify your business and shareyourstories.online …breaking barriers, starting meaningful conversations and creating a new definition for success.