Maybe you’re literally broke as a joke right now, like I was on Thanksgiving, 2015.

My husband lost his job after our third baby was born. We lost our home, sold our PlayStation for gas-station gift cards & headed to Florida because it was winter and we knew we couldn’t be homeless in freezing cold Kentucky. We had zero dollars and a Women, Infants, & Children card that helped us purchase a couple of apples, a jug of juice, and a box of dry cheerios. We got diapers and wipes from a local Red Cross and there we were: sleeping out of our car but soaking up every ounce of sunshine and hopeful positivity. There was one thing that we had that no one could take away, and that was our hope. We knew we had hope and motivation to do something with our lives and no matter how many tries it took, we were willing to keep getting back up and giving it another one. Are you that willing?

If you’re in “broke” status right now, you’re the most powerful you’ve ever been to change your own life. You see, people underestimate the power behind “broke.” Most people associate poverty/having little money with having little in life or no hope. But there’s something beautiful about transformation, a story, a hero’s treacherous journey…and you have the power to create that right now!

There are two key stepping stones you get when you don’t have any money (and need it):

  • You want it.  AND…
  • You need it.

When you’re comfortable with your money situation, or even RICH, you only have #1 to your advantages. The cool thing about having both, is: you have your logical brain working for you & your adrenals working for you (fight or flight response to needing money, NOW!). Everyone’s got their conscious mind rolling, trying to figure a way out of this situation — that’s nothing special. The secret is getting your subconscious on board.

However which way your subconscious mind is wired, is inherently how these big and small things add up to equal your life as it is today. For example: say growing up your family lived paycheck to paycheck, always running out of money before more came in and therefore always late on bills, short on food/clothes/other needs, etc. Now that you’re grown and making your own money—you’re seeing these same money issues arise and you wonder, “Why!?! I’m so much smarter with my money than my parents!” OR “I have a higher paying job, this shouldn’t be happening!”

The reason this is happening is because you have this crinkle in your brain that says: “There’s never going to be enough money, Bob! NEVERRRRRR!” And it’s been flexing YOUR WHOLE LIFE!! That area of your brain is like a jacked-up bodybuilder! It’s super strong! For 18+ years it’s gained muscle mass every time a bill wasn’t paid, every time your parents fought over money, every time you checked your card and didn’t have enough for gas, or when you realized your bills were more than your pay…every time you wanted something so bad, but it costed too much, or when you wanted to go on vacation but didn’t have enough vacation time or money saved up.

The mind-blowing thing is: YOU created that. YOU created the life you have right now with lots of persistence, dedication, and hard work. ***I know, you didn’t necessarily mean to create this stuff…But that means that you can create something else too, like wealth or success, with only your MIND! We are creators & you can use this place you’re at in life right now, along with the power of your conscious and subconscious mind to create wealth (out of what seems like, thin air!)

So, here’s what you do: start flexing a different area of your brain: abundance. You can do this in little ways here and there that add up to a whole new core belief around money! (And it can build super strength just like the “lack” part of your brain that is telling you money always runs out!)

  • Leave money all over your house (you know, in a drawer here, a table there, etc.) so you’re reminded that there’s always money around you, supporting you.
  • List out things you’re grateful for & make you feel abundant.
  • Give. It feeds your soul and the belief that you have power over your money choices.
  • Create a budget. There’s nothing like telling your money where to go and it going there!
  • Positive affirmations about your money, career, and life — these help your mind logically affirm/prove that your life is how YOU say it is, so claim it!!
  • Meditate or sit in silence to create a clear channel for money-making ideas and revelations to come through.

It obviously takes time to build up this new core belief and create a whole new lifestyle for yourself. But in the meantime, it starts with today. It starts with believing that success, money, and a new life are yours for the taking. And just like a 20 ft. mega snowball tumbling down a huge mountainside gaining massive momentum each second that passes — you too will keep moving forward, piling little success upon little success until somewhere along the way: boom!! You’re soaring lightening speed in your new, wealthy reality.

(One of my business besties: Erica Rhodes, & I throwing our first Women’s Empowerment event.)

You are the executor of your life. YOU get to make the decisions. THAT is the power behind broke.