It is hard to fight perfection. We are taught that we should always pursue it, even if it isn’t attainable. Why is that? If it is a lesson in failure then ok, but most often it sets us up for low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacies and disappointment.

As a business owner, we feel that we have to do it all. Let me use myself as an example.

I stop home everyday to let the dogs out, when I am there I clean, throw laundry in, pick-up, vacuum and try to reorganize. When I get home in the evening, I try to make a healthy meal, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, give them their meds and then spend some quality time with them. I then open my computer and start tackling all the items I never got a chance to get to…this blog usually being at the bottom of the list. Did I also mention I lay out my clothes for the next day?

Do you see what is missing (besides breathing)? You time. We don’t give ourselves time to rest, or to just think. The guilt overwhelms us, if we aren’t working then we see it as failure and that certainly doesn’t fit into our picture of perfection. We always put others first, way before ourselves.

Screw it.

  1. Leave the house a disaster, that is what weekends are for.
  2. Get to know, you don’t need to cook and clean-up every night.
  3. Accept that you will never get it all done. That to-do list is never ending and always will be – you are a business owner, your work is never done.
  4. Breathe and read a book, watch Game of Thrones, drink some wine/beer/vodka; just do something frivolous. Every minute of your day doesn’t have to be productive.
  5. Lean on a partner or friend. If you don’t voice your doubts and confide in someone, then it is going to eat you alive. Feel free to email me, [email protected], I’m always willing to lend an ear.

The point is, give yourself a freaking break. No one is doing it all or has it all – so don’t play the perfection game.

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