“Done with High School, (What’s Next)”, “Done with College, (What’s Next)”! Haven’t You Planned Something? Have You?


Well, I don’t know about all, but for me, whenever someone asked me this kind of questions, I was like “Err! Leave Me Alone”. As it wasn’t like, I wasn’t knowing what to plan or to grow up like? Of course, from inside everyone what they’re going to be. But YES! Everyone needs time to plan, how they’re going to carry their ideas and hard work to make a secure step towards building their career. In almost 90% of the cases, we’ve seen a properly laid continuum or I would like to say it as a process when one completes his/her education, grabs a degree and choose an appropriate career field or relevant jobs matching with their educational qualifications. But what if some of us want to do something else or break this particular path from qualified degree to practicality?


It is possible, and it has become possible in today’s time to switch to something else from a particular curriculum or subject and to become master in his/her just by choice discovered field of interest. Since past time has shown us, how people whether saying it by luck or chance, have made their successful careers apart and different from their educational qualifications. They are going through times, whether hard or rough, but still, they have that realization or I could say it as a sense of completeness which their work of interest gives them in return. So have we ever thought this way that, why isn’t there’s a feeling of satisfaction, as if we are vulnerable humans, wanting more and more, “No, absolutely not!” The simple reason behind maybe among lots of voices, our inner conscience voice has hidden or maybe it is something else that is showing us a way or clue to pursue with the work, that one could do life-long, as one desires.

The initial problem with adults starts when their mind likes to explore each and every option, as it is obvious, that we like to be curious and want to keep knowledge about every single thing that is being introduced day by day, like an example of a new course, or as in latest trend.

But is it really correct to become picky and choosy, when it has come to initiate our career?


Well,it is not totally wrong to carry on with your hobbies or interests, but it becomes the main point of issue, will it give us the same happiness and fame, a name that a typically chosen career field like a doctor, engineer, manager, IT professional would give us? But how would one come to know about it unless you would try to take baby steps towards your love for work?

It really makes me a kind of analytical person and to seek upon various worries that a teenager or an adult might think of before taking any step towards their beginning :

  • What if I choose these subjects and later on will be losing interest?
  • I don’t want to stay stuck in a particular disciplined work field, I want to explore more options.
  • Hmmmmmm! Exploring and trying options would require time and money. Is it even worth?
  • What my parents would think and expect from me? Doctor, Engineer, CEO, Banker? But I don’t want to become one. What if they take me as a loser?
  • Time, finances, age is running out! I am still sitting and wandering upon options. My friends and similar age groups are so satisfied and have a bang on their career progress!
  • I like to test myself on various matters, what if I get bored soon doing a routine work?


These are some common questions which came to my mind too, before heading towards any particular area/field of study. As when we are doing college, we come across different activities and skills in which we get involved and sometimes we perform it that good, we ought to think or take it as an opportunity. But the sooner moment comes when we realize that formal educational courses must be given full attention, as it will make us get good jobs. In fact, unknown of the truth that the skills we have learned from these activities, are a part of our formal education, but the only difference is, we get to learn these skills and work on it to a finer basis. I wouldn’t say that one has to avoid the studies in order to become excellent in other areas or activities. As we all know theoretical aspect is as important as practicing these skills as it would, later on, serve as a basis to cope with our work environment and would lay an impact on our personalities as well.



Truly saying in our lives whether it’s personal or professional, we all want a perfect fit. But we all know, there isn’t such a perfect thing in the world. So as it is the same with your career. Highs and lows, rough and good times is all a part of a worthy career. As it is said that good things take time, but it is actually all worth. So finding less interest in work could make one easily quit. But it is common in today’s time for adults to switch their jobs as they couldn’t find their present job more appropriate now, as they found it at the time of joining, they are losing interest, they aren’t finding the work environment friendly, their potential is sometimes underestimated, there doesn’t seem any growth opportunity doing the same job, etc.


There are more reasons like that to make a person quit. And though, the teenagers and adults wanting to start their career, it’s natural when they see their elders at homes doing this and listening to their stories or gaining insights from them, makes them think about their future opportunities or will they could be able to cope in this dynamic environment? So, from that moment, they start to try options and see what comes out to be good for them. For this, they’re taking time along with spending money and still are searching for that perfect fit and if not finding their way, lays a vast impact on their self-esteem and personalities, as they tend to overthink and sometimes take everything too personally.


Like a career planner or a typical career counselor, I am not going to describe each and everything, as ultimately you are the rider of your own horse. But will be putting some logical questions in front of you, for you to make a clear sense of what you actually desire out of your career and would help you analyze your present situation. Before going on it, one of the most critical concepts should be discussed here is about your “Self-Assessment Analysis”. It is necessary to dive deep into it because it’s your way to career development. Definitely, for early birds carrying on with career establishment doing self-assessment is the key.

Your unique attributes and how good you self-understand yourself on the basis of your skills, values, and interests helps you decide which type of work is a perfect fit for you.

Building up of a career lays its foundation on:

  • SKILLS :

Talents, your strengths, specific knowledge, skills acquired by learning or taken training for it, even through some experiences skills can be developed.

  • VALUES :

It is specifically about what you strongly believe, it could influence in other aspects of life as well like, family, education, it continues to develop as an individual grows.


It simply means what you like to do the most, as it would basically increase your curiosity to work on activities you like, in short, your preferences.

When I am telling about skills, values, and interests, it totally defines a person and his/her agreeability towards work. Though in short, underlines your career choice after analyzing various factors including your personality traits and aspirations too.

Assessing your skills, values, and interests, you would be finding several options and occupations. Maybe, there are chances that your assessment result comes out to be different from the college studies or degrees, you have taken. But it’s not necessary for you to be confused or something. When the thing becomes worth it’s good.


Some of the questions may help to find your dream career :

What are your career plans? What about its applicability towards real world?

  • Start with a basic plan in order to initiate your career planning and think about its possibilities.

How would you do your career planning?

  • While coming out with the plan, things would seem a bit stressful and difficult to think about, where to start? Collect information about careers, influential people(mentors), key courses for skills improvement. At least start something to initiate your plan.

How important is the role of Self-Evaluation? Should one set a limit while self-evaluating him/her?

  • Self Evaluation becomes necessary as it would prepare one for facing the practical world and setting a limit for it, closes the door to become competent. Keep exploring yourself!

Would Self Criticism help you on your way to plan your career?

  • To achieve astonishing results, self-criticism sometimes becomes important.

How setting a time frame would benefit you? Had you ever made a secure plan to get success in your career?

  • Setting a time frame sometime becomes essential to keep the track of the tasks to be done. For later life, a secure plan is a must.

What a “Proper Career” means to you? Would it be for achieving fame or for your inner happiness and satisfaction?

  • This answer would be complete “YOURS”.
  • Good Luck with EXPLORING YOURSELF and for the experiences, you are going to treasure on your way !
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