Enjoy the festivity, all year around.

I have had a rough week, lots’ of work, lots’ of projects to deliver, lots’ of misunderstanding between the team, very far away from perfection. So here comes my question, what is perfection? I ask myself especially during this time of the year where we are all busy decorating our houses or offices and wondering if the new year will be more generous toward our desires, will this year Christmas lunch be better than last, will the family meet up be more cheerful and lotsĀ“ to add on this line, but then I ask when the quest of perfection will end? Will we ever be satisfied?

Christmas has always had the affect to amplify my feeling in a more radical way, it has always forced me to think in which part of my life I would be looking for happiness and perfection, all through out the year, what is worth thriving and nurturing for many years ahead, in a way that it can become the norm to have a life full of happiness and joyfulness, with out waiting for Christmas. This is what this festivity is, a reflection on the true me and what makes me a festive individual all year around, and how much we need to invest in perfection thinking and what needs to happen.

I am thankful to Christmas, because it creates a space in my mind to dedicate just to this thought, so that I can elaborate more on what perfection means to me and what I am ready to give up for, what I think it will be a game changer in my life.

During most of the years of my grown up life, I have set yearly targets about academic achievements, career achievements, family achievements, financial achievements and on on , but lately I have almost stop doing it when it comes down to assess my happiness and the reason being is because I am busy improving, to perfection, the areas that most impact my happiness and to live the festivity mood everyday. I can assure that it is extremely more challenging to achieve, staying true to your areas of happiness, while everything around you is not in a festivity mood anymore. It takes practice, in this case emotional practice and resilience to achieve the state of happiness on the things that matter to me and many days and many times during the day, I fail, I am unhappy and do not feel good enough, up to the point, up to the job, up to motherhood, but then I practice to stay festive on what makes me happy, the rest will need to take a different path in my mind.

My thankfulness to Christmas is about keeping my happiness priorities clear and to remind me that if I want to experience festivity mood I need to work on it, everyday not just one month per year. I need to work on identifying my happiness areas and keeping them extremely near to my mind and heart and embed them in my way of thinking and prioritising them in my daily thoughts.

Enrich! and breath to Christmas


  • Denise D' Elia

    Every day is a new opportunity

    I am a woman in technology, a company director, a mentor for woman and tech start ups .It has always been my ambition to be successful in my private life and my business life and this is my daily challenge. I am on the on going quest for success in what ever I do, being a mentor, a chair for a charity, telco transformational consultant, a ThriveGlobal contributor or a Bikram Yoga fan.