If you are like most people who exalt hard work and give no room to creativity, then some five years down the line, you will find that you have burnt out and have no new ideas to keep yourself afloat. You will working so hard yet not getting returns for your sweat and long hours. When I first started working on my Amazon kindle eBooks, I found out that I would have to cough a lot of cash trying to hire the right freelancers to design my eBook covers.

And the most depressing thing was that after working for so long, they would submit some bad designs which I would have to reject and then I would look for other freelancers to do the job and spend a whole lot of time trying to get what I really wanted. If I took the initiative to design the covers myself, I would eat into lots of time which I would have spent thinking of the next new book to publish. You see the secret to nailing it big in ebook selling is in one, having a catchy headline that pushes the potential reader to grab that book you are offering and sitting down to read through it. Two, you need to have a great ebook cover design that will prompt the reader to just want to try it out.

So is there a new and easy way of doing all this. Yes, there is. You can go ahead and create your ebooks with a software called Designrr that has been proved to work awesomely well, is intuitive and at the same time can be adapted to work just the way you want. Say for example that I want to design some ebooks from my own blogposts using content that I have already published, Designrr helps me do this very easily and without spending a whole load of time. You can check it out on this Designrr review.

One good thing that I love about ebooks is that they act as good email lead magnets. On my blog, say that I want to attract email subscribers. If I just verbatim ask them to give me their email addresses, most would not be willing to do so. But what if,I introduce a gift which you get in exchange for your email address. Most of the readers would be willing to do so. Once I have their email address, I can go ahead to send in my well designed and content worthy ebook. Later on, I can use the emails gotten to try and convert them.

The software also helps you convert your Youtube videos into ebooks. Say for example that you have just had interviews with someone who is authoritative in your niche. You would very much want a transcript of the same, wouldn’t you. Now rather than hiring transcribers to do that for you, you can get the software do it for you at no extra cost. The transcripted ebook can then be published on your blog for people who might be interested in reading as opposed to watching the videos.


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    Biomedical laboratory Technologist

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    Dr. David  Nyoro is a board-certified  Biomedical Laboratory Technologist with more than 10  years of experience, now practicing in Kenya. He is an expert in operation, production and analysis of modern medical laboratory diagnostic tools and kits.