If there is one very admirable thing about Hollywood superstars, it is how they are able to maintain some very great physique and a size 8 body shape despite the stress from work, family and childbirth. And so, they will continue trending on Instagram and their social media accounts impersonated by those who are not able to achieve as great weight loss results as them.

However, if you think that hitting the gym will help, you need to think again because there is more to weight loss other than going to the gym and lifting weights. Hollywood celebrities are doing much more as we reveal today.

  1. Use of weight loss supplements

Hollywood stars are finding an easy way out by using diet pills that help them lose weight as revealed in this post about Kim Kardashian, Jeniffer Hudson and Melissa Mccarthy who have been found to use diet pills.

2. Being accountable of what they eat

Celebrities like knowing what they are eating and recording it. They will even want to investigate the number of calories that they will gain by eating a certain food type in a restaurant. And so should you if you are keen about losing weight or maintaining a good body.

3. Going hungry

Yes, they can be crazy and this can be seen in how they are going about without eating and even using anorectic supplements so as to keep lean and feel no cravings at all.