We’re excited to introduce Latika Vines. Latika is the Founder of Visionary Initiatives, LLC, a Career Development and Coaching Organization promoting Career and Organizational Development. She is the Boss Mom Coach + Growth Plan Expert coaching Christian working moms to Grow in their Careers while balancing life and working with Organizations to unlock potential growth by turning their visions into strategic initiatives.

Boss Mom Coach + Growth Plan Expert Latika Vines

Latika, please tell us a little bit about you, your Background, and your brand?

I’m a Maryland native, wife, mom, entrepreneur, and career professional. If I can build a business, work a 9 to 5, and manage home and life, so can you! Visionary Initiatives delivers customized solutions for high-performing Working Mothers to successfully balance life, so they can grow in their career; while providing Organizations with the tools to develop the careers of their high-performing employees to create a talent pool for succession management and increase employee retention and satisfaction.

Having fifteen years of experience in coaching, mentoring, and training individuals to advance their career from Team Member to Senior Executive Service; I have designed, managed, facilitated/instructed, and evaluated Career Development Workshops and Technical Training for the private (social services industry) and public (government) sectors.

I am certified in Human Capital Strategist, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Performance Consulting for Trainers. It has always been a lifetime goal of mine to be a Chief Learning Officer and through my work at Visionary Initiatives, LLC, I have transformed this career vision into an initiative. I am also the International Association of Women – Waldorf Chapter President, helping women in the Southern Maryland area achieve their career and business goals. And, is the host of a self-titled podcast.

Where did the concept of your brand come from?

The concept for my business came from the time I was able to overcome postpartum depression. I knew that other working mothers felt the same as me, and I believed that my pain was for the purpose of helping others. As the Boss Mom Coach, I equip working moms, who have hit a wall in their career, with the tools to build opportunities for success by redefining how they manage their life, career, or business. I do this by coaching them to gain Clarity of their career vision, the Confidence to pursue it, and equipping them with the Control over their schedule to do so. I believe that it is possible for working moms to do both and I am on a mission to help them make it possible.

What can your audience expect from working with you?

When someone interacts with me, they can expect accountability, love, and opportunities for growth. I’m proactive and performance-driven. I have taught over 100 Working Moms how to establish balance in their life, so they can overcome the overwhelm of managing a marriage, motherhood, and their career. In addition to having coached and mentored 50 Federal Government employees in getting to the next level in their Careers, from GS-14 (first-line supervisor) to Executive positions. My audience can expect to be impacted in a way that pushes them to stick to the vision God has given them to succeed.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I was inspired by the fact that I could serve people and serve God at the same time. Coaching Christian working moms is my passion. Our motto at Visionary Initiatives is to give and show love. We give love to working moms who are exhausted and overwhelmed with balancing work and life, by providing them with an open and loving atmosphere, filled with kindness, patience, prayer, and laughter.

The first commandment given was to show love to others, and we believe that the only way one is to excel in life is if they are shown and given love.

While starting and building your business, were there any challenges or barriers you had to overcome?

Yes, there were challenges I had to overcome. One of the biggest challenges was having family members who did not believe in me and ask that I not pursue the business. They allowed their own fears and failures to project onto me. Now I teach working moms how not to fear that if you pursue a meaningful career, that is fulfilling, you won’t be able to spend time with your children and husband. It is possible to do both, and you deserve to have both!

If you could give one piece of advice to future entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Set your goals, be persistent, and remain patient. Things will come in God’s time, but you must be patient with yourself and the process.

When did you know that this was your purpose? Describe that “aha” moment.

I knew this was my purpose when I was approached by a University to facilitate a Career Development workshop. I always knew I was supposed to be in the Learning & Development/Workforce Development industry, but having someone who doesn’t know me -but only has seen my work- approach me and ask me to teach their students, allowed me to see that I was doing the work I was destined to do.

What’s next for you and your brand, and how can others connect with you?

Visionary Initiatives’ vision is to have national Career Development training contracts in the fields of Law Enforcement, Information Technology, and Professional Services companies. Our goal is to ensure we can meet that vision within the next three to five years. Additionally, to continue serving working mothers to be the leaders of their career, grow in their relationship with Christ, and balance life like a Boss!

Connect with me online at www.visionary-initiatives.com, by email at [email protected], and on social media @visionaryinitiatives (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn).