When I look at our country today, I see a country in search of its change. In our politics, there has been more divisiveness than ever before. The rise of Trump has spurned an almost Socialist lean to the politics of the Democratic party. And while the Far Right is clobbering the Democratic party for its free everything approach. Free medical, free education, free childcare, free elderly care, I can feel the fear in their voices as they watch this change coming.

But, I believe the lean towards change is something bigger than we see. It is not a change to socialism but rather a change to the whole structure of the way we do government.

I think in a world of disagreement, one thing that we all agree on is this: Together we accomplish far more than we do alone. And yet we do not function right now as a country of togetherness. We function as a divided nation, which by our own agreement, limits our ability to find answers and receive solutions.

It feels to me that what was once set up as a system to give our country a series of checks and balances has now simply become a roadblock making it almost impossible to solve problem and achieve real and lasting change.


I started thinking like this after hearing a talk given by Marianne Williamson at a MindValley Conference in which I heard the greatness of her being and the truths that she could bring to office coupled with the thought that the chances of her winning are so small that it made me wonder, what if there was not another way?

What if all of the candidates came together to form something greater than what each of them had on their own was. What if Beto and Marianne and Joe and Bernie and Elizabeth and Kamilla and Oprah and Michelle were all to come together as a Mosaic and run for office together.

It made me wonder, what would happen if everything was about to change. I seem to remember, my friend Sylvia Browne, before she passed away, predicting that this would be the last president to ever take office. When she said it, I could not imagine what she could be talking about and honestly I thought maybe she had lost it. Even though I had watched her over and over again tell people things there was no way she could know, had also seen her get a few things wrong (but who is 100% right in anything; the fact that she was right so often is what i marvelled at) and yet when she sad this I thought she had lost her mind, but now I am seeing perhaps it was I who lost my mind for doubting her.

Between the Far Left saying that they feel that if Trump were to lose the election, there could be a coup by him to keep power, and the stalemate that has developed by each silo of government wanting to prove they are right and the other party is wrong. It started my mind thinking, what a New Paradigm was forming? One in which we moved from one person being president, to a Mosaic presidency. Let me try to explain.

There is a company called Unanimous AI that is challenging the capacity of the human mind, They are working to show how other species in nature have amplified their intelligence through the use of what they call The Hive Mind. Rather than me trying to explain that to you, please have a look at this short video.

RESOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu-RyZt_Uas

They show other species with far less mental capacity amplifying their intelligence by coming together in a swarm and they are showing through the work they are doing that human mind which is far more intelligent than a bird, or an ant, or a fish can do this too. They are proving in the work they have done with humans that the accuracy rate of a connected mind of people who just like something is far greater than that of the individual mind of the expert in a that area.

So, if the Swarm Intelligence of people who are simply interested in something coming together in a virtual room can be used to predict with almost double the accuracy rate of human experts, the results of something like the Kentucky Derby and The Oscars, why would we not use this same modality to elevate our thinking in areas of world concern.

When I look at all of the people that have entered the race to become the presidential candidate for the Democratic party, I see so many people, like Marianne Williamson who are brilliant but have little to no chance of winning on their own, that I wonder, what if they were to join together and become a Mosaic and run for office together, using something like this model of swarm intelligence to make decisions together. What if this was not limited to just the talented people of the Democratic but opened up to the great thinkers of the Republican party as well?

What if we could see what we did not see? And if the message of our founding fathers, when they founded the UNITED States of America, was not a paradigm of one person leading is over us but rather a Mosaic Like Leadership model, where all of us come together to create a Connected Consciousness that is greater than any one mind could ever be?

What would happen if we were to bring the greatest minds and the simplest mind of the world together and allow this connected mind to find solutions. The dream that I had when I finished writing The Mosaic was to be part of the creation of a community where people of like and unlike minds could come together to share ideas; where people could speak without anger and listen without judgement; where the greatest minds in the world would sit together with the simplest minds of the world; where we would innovate together to solve problems that have no place existing in our society. Problems like hunger and homelessness, poverty and declining self care, undrinkable water and unthinkable conditions that cause people to sell their bodies so that they can eat.

I have no idea how this reality will come to be or how to create it, but I know that the time for it is now. Whether that means that the rebuilding of a political party (bringing together all of the Democratic candidates to create one connected candidate), or the two party system (why limit this genius to one part, why not open it up to all parties) or whether it means the creation of something new, the time has come for a radical change.

Now is time for us to take the greatness of the human mind and bring it together with the greatness of other minds to create a super mind. If species of lesser intelligence are doing this successfully elevating their awareness, why wouldn’t we do it too? This will not be the fearful takeover of artificial intelligence, but rather the awakening of the potential of Human Intelligence. It is time for us to stretch the capacity of what is possible.

As we look towards a future where AI grows exponentially and where the discovery of life in our galaxy is not limited to Earth,for the first time since the creation of our species, The Human Being will no longer be the most intelligent species on Earth. With the coming of Alien Intelligence and the growth of Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence left unchanged will sink to second or third place on the intelligence spectrum. It is time to awaken ourselves to what is possible, to see what we never saw before, and use the one thing that we have, our connectivity, our ability to connect with each other, to create solutions not only to the problems of today that we see, but to the problems that we do not see, which will arise when we are inhabited by other forms of intelligence.

Coming together is not only a good idea, It is our roadmap and our opportunity to elevate our capacity to find solutions to questions we do not even know now to ask. It is time for us TO SEE WHAT WE DO NOT SEE. It is time for us to realize WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! It is time now more than ever to build our Mosaic.

Daniel Levin is a Visionary and he is the author of The Mosaic. It is just a story but if you allow this story to enter you, it will awaken the story that lives within you. It is available on Amazon.com or at from his website: https://themosaiconline.com/shop/

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