Despite the fact that many people profess they want the truth, I am a firm believer that most of us are often not quite prepared to handle the truth. I wasn’t! It was humbling to realize that I was the cause of my own unhealthy condition. I had chosen each and every time to bury my feelings instead of confronting them. I immediately took action before I considered the validity of my beliefs, emotions, or thoughts. Finally, I was not able or willing to tolerate a little discomfort.

The Truth Forces Us To Made A Change

When you stop and face the truth, you are often forced to make a decision: continue down this part of destruction or change direction to a healthier path. Still, that is not where the difficulty lies. What causes most people to avoid the truth is the belief or thought that in facing the truth, they may not have the strength to change. I read something recently that resonated: “It’s not that change is impossible or requires strength we do not have. Rather it’s that everything around us exerts pressure on us to not do something different”. To change requires more than our effort, it demands a humility to accept that we all need the strength of our spiritual being.

Ego And Pride Often Get Us In Trouble

The twin towers of our defeat: ego and pride. We all have been there, we know, and we have the solution. Yet, a month later we realize that we are still going down the same road, because we have not changed our responses to our beliefs, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. We operate on automatic, which is so much easier than changing gears; however, the first step in change is to stop and turn in the opposite direction from the one we often automatically choose. Better still, if you really want to be proactive, stop and examine the validity of your beliefs, emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

Why We Don’t Want To Confront Ourselves

Perhaps the realization that our beliefs and thoughts have been faulty all along may cause us to question our intelligence. Furthermore, many may lose confidence due to their inability to be discerning. Here’s the real problem, stopping to confront ourselves requires that we humble ourselves and admit that we were wrong. The real reason we struggle is the lack of humility, and once we get by that hurdle, there is the inability to forgive ourselves. Pause for one minute and examine this truth: “no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes”.

We Complicate The Problem Because We Fear

We fear because we lack trust and have no faith or conviction in our source of strength. Here is the kicker, most people don’t know the true source of their strength. Many think that it’s their willpower that keeps them going; however, while willpower will get you to take the first step, it is the spiritual power within you that keeps you going. The truth is each and everyone of us is a spiritual being. When we are in complete alignment with our spiritual being is when we are strong enough to create the positive change we require in our lives. Another truth, until you learn to trust love, your will be controlled by fear and will continue down a path that destroys your total health.

Total Health Matters For Your Quality Of Life

You’ve heard, “the wealthiest man is the healthiest”, that is another truth. Without your health, what do you have? Get in the habit of checking your MAP, GPS, and STORY daily. If you are using the wrong map, or a faulty GPS you will be heading down the wrong path. If the STORY you are telling yourself is full of untruths, you will be making the wrong choices. In any event, you will be compromising your total health and your quality of life.