Its tough time for world lets come together to help each other in Pandemic.

Coronavirus has brought the whole world together; many today are coming forward to help society in this tough time for Humanity, but we humans know how to fight against odds. We will also win against Coronavirus and start a whole new world with lots of positivity.

Using Influence for Good: Socialites Nicholas Duro, Swaggy and Evan Luthra Make N95 Masks Available With MaskMarket.Org

Swaggy the Wolf Dog, Nicholas Duro, and Paris Hilton Utilize Social Media to Combat the Pandemic.

It is no surprise that people have turned to social media platforms for interaction throughout the global coronavirus pandemic.

As screen times skyrocket and hands remain sore from countless hours of scrolling, it is safe to say that social media has proven its prominence during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Not only have social media platforms kept people connected through memes and memories, but they have also provided a way for influencers to utilize their spotlight to educate the public.

Donating Mask in Pandemic

Evan Luthra established tech entrepreneur has played a significant role in enabling agencies in Europe to access millions of masks. To give back, working with, Evan has been able to donate 10,000 KN95 masks to rapper Melymel to distribute to citizens in critical need throughout the Domincan Republic. 

Musicians also have been active on social media, conveying their efforts during the Pandemic. While some artists are using the extra time at home to work on new music, others strive to provide relief by performing virtually through platforms like Instagram and YouTube. 

Top artists coming forward to save world.

Top artists including Paris Hilton, Marshmello, and Pitbull joined the fun earlier this month as they performed live during Thrillerfest, the largest virtual music festival thus far. These artists and others are using social media to raise money for pandemic relief and support fans while venues remain closed.  

Nicholas Duro a travel technology entrepreneur, tired of dealing with brokers and intermediaries who slow down the process of mask distribution, worked with his team to start, where organizations in need can request orders and donations, and sellers can liquidate their inventories. 

Donating in Pandemic.

Mask market has worked with supplying local, state and federal government agencies and is the most significant online PPE presence in the United States, which continues to provide hospitals and organizations in need.

Even internet sensation Swaggy Wolfdog has stepped up to donate $10,000 to provide supplies to his fans.

“As the most famous canine dog in the world with more than 6 million followers on social media, many have turned to Swaggy Wolfdog during this time of need,” Swaggy says. “Our team plans to take their efforts to Latin America, where Swaggy is from, early next week to continue to provide aid against the pandemic.”

Although not all influencers have publicized their contributions, their drive to innovate and produce uplifting content remains significant. As hundreds of millions of people around the world are staying home to stay safe against COVID-19, maintaining mental health has become a prime concern. 

By definition, social media influencers may not be essential — but they are impactful.