I recently started seeing a chiropractor for my neck pain. I was interested to find out that I have degenerative disc disease in my neck. What?!? Naturally, my next question was, “How did I catch this”? The chiropractor went on the explain that if something major didn’t happen, it is typically a result of varied events that overtime, if not addressed, put pressure on the discs and over time they deteriorate. It is all about alignment. Thinking about my current diagnosis, I find that there are some correlations to life.

If you feel your life is out of alignment, consider reflecting on the following:

Why are you where you are? Reflection on the past is important. Staying in the past is not.

It takes a very self aware person to reflect on the past and ascertain what can be learned. By taking a high level view of past wins and losses, so much can be learned. Are you self aware? Self awareness is foundational for Emotional Intelligence. If this is a new term for you, self awareness can be defined as one’s ability to open up and recognize strengths and weakness that make up character, feelings, motives, and desires. It is a choice to see yourself from all angles, not just the good; or what you think is the good. It is to truly reflect on the why behind the choices made and the reason behind the true result that ensued. It is not always everyone else’s fault.

It is through understanding ourselves, who we are and why we do what we do, that great and positive change creates forward momentum. Not truly understanding your emotional intelligence will cause misalignment in future decisions and choices in life.

How do I affect those around me? Have you checked in to see how you are doing?

Have you ever met a person who is so immersed in their own ego, that they are off on a tangent, thinking that everything they do is perfect? Yet, people around them become hurt, disengaged, and quite frankly adverse to communicating with them. I witnessed this both in my personal and professional life. Not reflecting on how your actions or words affect those around you, creates misalignment in relationships.

Being human, means that we are born with a sociability about us. We are created as social beings, called to be in relationship with one another. When our relationships are out of alignment, built on sandy ground, the first wave of wind will knock us down. Relationships require people to appreciate others for their gifts. In relationship, we look to build up, not tear down. Have you ever met a Debbie Downer? I have. This is the person who always has something negative to contribute to the conversation. This type of person can find something negative to say and focus on no matter how positive the situation. Don’t be a Downer, be a doer. Be the bridge builder.

Learn how to communicate effectively with the spirit of building a person up, not tearing them down . If you can master this, the reward is great! Relationships built on sandy footing create misalignment in your total life.

Where am I going? It helps to have someone to rely on who can be your guide.

Having dreams and goals for your life are part of being human. Yes, situations can change, but that should never hinder your ability to dream. If you can’t dream, you lay stagnant. When you are stagnant it affects your total health and well being. That is why Apple Watch reminds us to stand and breathe. It is through dreams and goals that we remain people of motion. We are given an opportunity to work toward something, not away from something. This makes all the difference. Run toward something in your life. Do not allow the battle wounds of the past direct you.

Decide where you want to be and put in the work to move toward it. A true friend, mentor or coach, that has your total well being in mind, can help guide you, but ultimately, you have to put in the work, make the difficult choices, and decide to push forward. So many relationships are out of alignment due to people allowing others to make those decisions for them.

Alignment in our lives breeds future success. We start to define success in a different way. It is based upon the foundation built through our emotional intelligence, conscious sociability, and the types of relationships we foster. When any of these areas out of alignment, over time, they can wear on our total being. Move toward re-aligning your life. Stop the degeneration, the “stinkin’ thinkin'(~Zig Ziglar), and the ego. Move toward getting your own personal house in order so that you can re-start in a place of true alignment and freedom to be the best version of yourself.


  • Laureen

    Laureen Kautt - Live Your Life With Volition - BCC, NLP-CP

    Volitionary Movement

    Laureen is the Principal Coach and founder of The Volitionary Movement. Her practice grew out of her passion for helping people embrace life's changes. Her process and road map assists thousands in understanding their core purpose and how to translate that to a successful life. Laureen's consultative and strategic approach to individual and group coaching is embraced around the globe. She is solicited by recruiters and talent leaders for coaching and guidance. Laureen is sought after by universities such as the University of Colorado, Denver graduate program in international business, to speak on topics such as talent acquisition, interviewing skills, and the war for talent. Laureen’s philanthropic endeavors include faith-based education for children and adults. She is affiliated with organizations that care for orphans in São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa. Laureen also volunteers her time to assist veterans re-entering the civilian workforce.