Accountability Breeds Action!

Dedicated to everyone making this the best year ever or wanting to make it their best year ever…

6 months since New Years Eve.

Are we sticking to our goals or taking a reprieve?

Living lies and telling secrets?

Or stepping up and deep diving weakness?

To our core to emerge with strength?

Where are we at? Where do our priorities rank?

Are they hiding under denial and vices?

Or are we willing to go there? Naked in crises?

Sometimes we have to break to soar – digging deep, down to our core.

To rise again, an epic story.

Gratitude and abundance in all her glory.

Repeating cycles, retreating promises live in tolerable mediocrity- is this the year we find our way through cobwebby?

Change worthy pain-

With everything to gain.

Worth the work!

Less is more.


From shit spinning cycles.

At the bottom of this bridge is vulnerability.

The strongest humility.

Showing vulnerability is the deepest way to demonstrate strength.

So where are our goals? How do they rank?

Surrounding ourselves with healers, so that we heal ourselves.

Making this the best year ever-

The best version of ourself.

Ease into this idea, lean in to our worth.

Live and love in own unfolding.

The most beautiful story of our own remolding❤️

Fiercely trust ?