The brotherhood of men knows how to bond. The sisterhood on the other hand is lagging in that department. 

A gender divided is a gender controlled by outside forces. In today’s political climate, women need to come together more than ever.

The lack of true female friendship is a consequence of women having lost their sense of power due to gender discrimination, work place inequality, religious and political beliefs and media images and messages. Women forgot how to love themselves and accepted the fact that “they simply can’t get along”.

From witches to harlots, mad queens to political trailblazers and housewives that were not conforming to the status quo, society has been indoctrinated that women are everyone’s natural born enemies, that they are inferior, that they are either too weak or too dangerous and need to be controlled in one way or another.

What is the outcome of instilling conditioned mistrust and dislike in females? It ensures that women do not come together as one. It ensures that women do not discover their inner power.

Females try hard to fit into the boys club but they will never fit in. Men will tolerate women as long as they are willing to go on their ride and fit into the pair of shoes they have chosen for them.

This does not mean females can’t succeed at their job or have a blossoming career and “be the girl that stops the bull on Wall Street”. Not at all.

Women have the ability to enhance any work by adding their natural intuition and sensitivity which is one thing the boys need. What the ladies don’t need to do is adopt the brotherhood’s ideology of tearing other women down mentally and emotionally. This only creates endless friction. Especially when passive-aggressive behavior is used to deal with anger, jealousy or frustration. Many women grow up feeling inadequate in some area of their lives and believe that cattiness, bitchiness and competitiveness towards the same gender is the normal way of acting and reacting when indeed their actions are based on fear and childhood conditioning. Anyone raised by a mother whose tongue cut deep wounds or whose actions caused harm will most likely have a hard time loving and trusting themselves. Trusting and rooting for other women then becomes an insurmountable task.

Men help each other and promote each other. It is perfectly fine for women to do the same. Women need to help women out, nurture their friendships  and give girls a leg up who need help. Many women who have reached a top level position in their field of work have done so with great sacrifices and by putting in the hours. In most cases, they will be surrounded by male competitors who give them a run for their money. It’s lonely at the top for women. They are scared to loose to another woman coming up because there’s only so much room at the top for women. Men bond easily and put emotions aside. Women need to do the same. There is no Sisterhood and support system unless one builds it by surrounding oneself with capable, like-minded females. 

Only if women step up to the plate, recondition their learned behavior, learn to love themselves and hire and help other women fulfill their dreams and potential, they will shatter the glass ceiling and make a dent in gender inequality. It is not the men but the individual woman who has the potential to change the way things are in society. We must stop to look to the outside for help. Corporate America, politics, religion and media are not the savior. Truly the only way to change the way things are is by every woman recognizing her inner worth and unconditional love for herself. For when you become authentic, fear looses its influence over you.  When women stop making fear-based decisions and work together, they succeed together so ladies, let us pull up our pants, cut the drama, conquer any and all apprehensions, become conscious and kind and bond like females have never bonded before.

Conscious women will help create a conscious society and a support system that is much needed.