As humans, we all need a ‘Time Please!’ from our lives, because gaining back that essential vibes which need to keep us going are necessary for any sphere of work in which we are throwing ourselves and most importantly our time. But always the condition will work in our favour? C’mon our luck doesn’t do that plans! When we take breaks in our work to fulfill that lost productivity is preferably known as productivity break. But what about that uneasy feeling and sluggishness even though, taking a break, couldn’t help us get through, in the most common way it is known as ‘Fatigue’.

Fatigue as in medical terms is regarded as an extreme tiredness and a cause of weariness which could ultimately leave a person in the state where a person runs out of his/her energy along with reducing the desire to work making you suffer in the physical as well as mental health. Many people think as by their eating habits or the imbalance brought down through their lifestyles is typically one of the major causes of leading to fatigue. But it isn’t really true, when we thrive to understand fatigue and all the underlying causes which generate it. But these are mainly the effects being brought down by physical as well as mental conditions of a person.

There are various causes and symptoms which give rise to unbearable fatigue :

· Depending on the food we eat –

This types of feeling arise in our bodies when we intake food which relaxes our taste buds, but is not so nutritious for our bodies. Lack of intake of nutrient valued food contains essential nutrients which could help to complete body demand, could cause fatigue in us.

· Lack of Sleep (Insomnia) –

When we aren’t able to take proper rest and fulfilling the appropriate amount of sleep. Our body starts to loosen itself during daytime interfering our activities promotes fatigue.

· Depression slows down the physical as well as the mental reaction –

Another cause which gives a boost to fatigue is being low from inside or facing anxiety, as lowering down emotionally generates sluggishness and urge to stay at a place.

· Dealing with Diabetes promotes fatigue –

When a person facing or having an imbalance of sugar levels which makes energy level falls directly causes fatigue.

· Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a major factor –

This syndrome is caused due to total draining out of energy resulting into exertion which may continue more than or upto 6 months, which leads to unascertained fatigue.

· Hypothyroidism may be the leading cause –

This type of condition is when thyroid remains underactive which slows down the metabolism resulting disturbance in bodily functions, this eventually produces and give rise to depression along with fatigue.

· Drainage of energy level termed as Dehydration can be underlying cause –

Lowering of water level in the body could also promote fatigue special care is to be taken during summer.

But if there are causes or illness there is also proper cure and treatment for it. Just we need to focus on ourselves to get recharged.

Some of the common solutions for fatigue are :

1. Vitamin C

Intake of vitamin C commonly found in citrus fruits regenerates the energy and refreshes the body regaining that instant energy needed to a tired body.

2. Exercise

Another formula is to get going and exercise to keep you active all day long as it would give a boost to the blood supply and helps give energy for a long time.

3. Keeping energy drink makes the good work

Making the most reliable energy drink and knowing the nutritive value of ingredients added in it is all you need to keep yourself going.

4. Eating food rich in protein and magnesium

Proteins and Magnesium is a very important nutrient needs to functionalize the whole boy from nerve to muscle health. Intake of green vegetables, fish, whole grains helps the body to build up more magnesium level.

5. Taking in little amount of potato water

Potatoes are rich in potassium and like nutrients magnesium, same is the requirement of producing potassium. It would help in retaliate body and mind and could get rid of sluggishness and dull feeling on its part.

Here are some easy and quick solutions of getting rid of re-occuring fatigue and regaining back the lost energy.


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