I am thrilled to be here on Thrive Global, having been asked to share excerpts from my book Breaking into Brilliancean awakening of creative consciousness. It is my desire and hope to inspire.

                                                  Breaking into Brilliance

What triggers questioning?

Don’t you think our intuition and unconscious are smarter than we are? 

And that when the time is right, the unconscious gives up information and answers?

And don’t we know that things change in order to teach us something?

What creates an opening?

YOUR SPIRIT IS CALLING YOU to look, to question…….

A Car Accident. Have you ever had a car accident?  Did you ask why?

A Divorce.  Is your heart broken and your family broken apart?  Did you ask why?

A Nervous Breakdown.  Are you vulnerable and frightened?  Are depression, anger and creativity all yelling for your attention?  Did you ask why?

A Child is Born.  Are your priorities changing with the changes of your body?  Are you totally absorbed in this this new life?  Who are you now?  Why this child?

Before You have the accident

Before You have the child you can’t take care of

Before You blame your boss and you’re fired

Before You sabotage your marriage

Before You drink yourself into oblivion

Before You lose yourself in sex


Why am I here?  What am I really supposed to be doing?  What is my purpose?  Why is it so hard?  Why is it so scary?  WHO AM I???

MOoooRE QUesTiOns!!