Gratitude is an action, it is a way of being and it is a generative power. What if we all went into gratitude as an active spiritual practice this week?

Begin be making a choice. From this moment, the exact moment that you are reading this, make a conscious choice to move into gratitude. Drop your awareness into your heart, you might even want to place you hand on your heart as a mudra and reminder to be aware.

The heart is the governing organ of our bodies by design and by nature. It however as gotten highjacked by the logical, (or sometimes not so logical) thinking mind. We are being called to re-organize out systems to the correct and natural state of being.

We are heart centered, we are spiritual beings. We are here to make manifest the glory of love and kindness and compassion on the planet and we cannot do that from a place of fear or separation or anger or hate.

We are the ones we are waiting for. We are the ones that can do the work that the planet so desperately needs.

We are the ones that will hold steady through the storms of today. We are the ones that become the pillars of strength and conviction. The world appears to be falling apart, the devastation, the ugly, the horrid to see and watch looks like it is increasing, but what if we are in labor pains?

What if, we are in the birthing process. We’ve said for years that we cannot take the lesser emotions into the next evolutionary shift. The Nazarene, Master Teacher, Wayshower, our brother Jesus, talked about it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom.

Let’s unpack that for a moment, no matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs may be. A rich man, is typified by one who is full of himself or herself, one that is attached not only to material things, but to a state of being, to an egoic state of greater than, of separation from others.

In the times of Jesus, Jerusalem the eye of the needle was the gate into the city that was narrow. The main gates were open during daylight hours, but the only way in after dark was through the narrow gate. A camel could get through this gate, but only after removing its baggage and by stooping.

What this means is that you cannot get into the kingdom or the experience of God, carrying your baggage.

As I’ve walked my spiritual path and undergone initiation in many forms, I have come to realize that our baggage is our belief system as much as it is our emotions and material items.

We are being called to purge the fear and anger that resides in the consciousness of our planet. The Conscious Evolutionary movement decrees that we are on the cusp of an evolutionary leap. The leap from the species of separated humans to an entirely new dimension of beingness, one that is being called the Universal Human.

We can’t take separation into the new dimension. We have to surrender, purge, release, extract, integrate the emotions that are tied with separation. Those of being different, of better than and less than; lack, limitation. These are the things that are being played out in our world right now.

What can we do about it? We can stand tall and hold steady the pillar of love.

We can stand tall and steady. We cannot reason, because what is coming is destructive but the destruction can and will lead to a re-birth. The birth of a new way of being.

Again, we cannot take with us the old. See everything as the purging that is necessary. Hold your energy steady in love. Take action when and where you are called to do so, but do in from the steady place.

There are many, many people being impacted by the events of the world. Stand with them, assist them to the best of your ability. Be in service for a greater good. Practice kindness and compassion. Activate the powers of love and light.

See and imagine every day a better world, call it forth by becoming the frequency of it. See us beyond these crazy times. See resolution, become resolution. Even as you see distress, call forth love. Even as you see anger and hatred, call forth the frequency of love in you.

As you focus your awareness on and in your heart, begin to breathe into it and through it. Take a few moments several times daily to activate your heart resonance. Then generate appreciation, gratitude, love and compassion. Generate it by thinking it, yes, but even more so by experiencing it. Remember a time when you were every so grateful or appreciative. Let that frequency wash over you again and again. Bask here for at least a few minutes, several times a day.

Appreciation and gratitude are generative and creative powers. Activate them in your own being and watch miracles happen.

These are the things that we can do to move through and beyond these times. These ar the things that will reveal the right actions to be taking. These are the things that will bridge the gap from where we find ourselves to where we want to be.

Let us be the ones to usher in the Love that being birthed. Let us be the ones that are midwifing a new consciousness and a new dimension.

Originally published at on November 22, 2016.

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