It’s funny how creative my brain gets when I’m not trying to make it produce anything.

I get my best inspiration when working on something that keeps my mind and my hands busy.

Sure enough, I was working on clearing out some brush and weeds in my yard and the ideas kept pouring out.

I got thinking about how important it is to regularly weed my thoughts and beliefs, just like I weed my garden.

Weeds in my garden steal light and nutrition from my treasured plants, so I pull them out.

Weeds in my thoughts and beliefs are doing the same thing.

They steal my joy, my inner peace, my creativity, and my productivity.

Instead of helping me grow toward light, weeds in my thought pull me toward negativity and darkness.

If I let them, they can choke out the thoughts and beliefs that I want to grow.

They can grow so thick that they block out the light.

Sometimes a weed in my garden can trick me, and I think it may be a useful plant. But if I keep an eye on it, I eventually see it’s a weed and pull it out.

Thoughts and beliefs can trick me too.

They take the shape of a belief that no longer serves me. Or a belief that puts limitations on me or on other people.

I used to think it was admirable to be an over-achiever. I don’t want to believe that any more, so I pulled out that weed.

Being an Overachiever was a Bad Habit, and I Kicked it
I spent most of my adult life as an over achiever, but I kicked that

My most deeply held beliefs have really deep roots.

That’s great when the belief benefits me, and my goals, and the people I love. The deep roots keep it strong.

But when an unhealthy belief runs deep, I can only chop it out one bit at a time.

Gradually weakening it, and bit by bit the weed gets smaller and weaker. I move forward and upward.

*This is Not a Post that Will Tell You a Secret to Change Your Life and Make you a Superstar
because you are already making progress, you just don’t know

I get to choose my beliefs. No matter how common a belief is in society, I get to choose if I want to adopt that belief or not.

I love examining my thoughts and beliefs.

I have no qualms about taking a commonly held belief and ripping it out like a weed.

It’s all made up anyway, right?

Everything is Made Up
I’ll keep this short and simple and let the deep dive into the human psyche be left to another

What weeds are you clearing? Please share!

As always, I wish you all the best!

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