I never thought much about sleep or the type of bed needed for a good night’s rest. When I wasn’t woke by a slew of life’s factors, sleep happened when it happened. It was just something our bodies required, and I dropped my head on a regular ol’ mattress. I seemed to get enough. And as someone who spent many years in the wellness industry, I understand a few things about sleep. Including driving a market for a 5 star luxury sleep retreat. Yes. A retreat to learn to sleeeeppzzz. And according to the CDC one in three American’s don’t get enough sleep. A recent study by ResMed states that on average men get 5 hours, 43 minutes of sleep, and women 6 hours, 9 minutes. This was typical of my sleep too. But I’ll leave the sleep transformation tools to experts like Arianna Huffington’s sleep revolution, and others.

Then I took a good look at my sleep space and some of my daily waning energy and started adding new snooze inducing items to my bedroom sleep sanctuary. Watch out Four Seasons, I’ve created my own turndown service. I wanted to make my bed positively addictive. 

For starters I added, a fluffy foam mattress topper. Yeah sure, no big deal. But it was. Then I added a bedside mood unwinding spray with subtle lavender notes and a base of woody cypress bark. Just inhale. You get the idea.

I now love my bed. Like hard. Like reeeaally love it. Every position is comforting, swaddling, life affirming. Just the kind that makes you hate getting out of bed.

By being mentally dedicated to creating the ultimate sleep space, my sleep time increased from an average 5-6 hours to a regular 8 + hours, with just a few additions of flair to my sleep den (and my habits). And I still maintained a productive, focused schedule. 

When I don’t get enough sleep, I can look like a chronic chain smoking, toxin filled, bleary eyed, hangry college hangover. Forget about the way I look, what about the way I feel? Sleep matters, and all the “limitless” brain boosting pills and caffeine won’t substitute it. “We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis.” Huffington says. So whether you’re snuggled up to your body pillow or significant other. Star fished across the bed or comfy in fetal position. Your bed is a sanctuary. We literally spend one third of our lives sleeping. It’s part of our well being and creating your happy sleep place can help you lean in

I know many people are saying this is bullsh*t, you have no clue what kind of rock bottom sleep deprived hell I’m in. Modern life makes it impossible to get 8 hours of sleep and still get everything done. Not to mention our guilt for not being the super hero wonder woman (man) society portrays as normal. I do get it, and I’ve been there. And I disagree. I disagree you can’t love yourself, and treat yourself to a plush bed, sweeter dreams, and relaxed suspended consciousness. I also disagree your bed can’t be used for anything but sleep and sex. There have been many times working from home that some amazingly creative work got done there. Coffee, cozy, and creative. I’m able to compartmentalize it.

Sleep is vital for dreaming. Sure, we could all use more of that. But what about the crises of modern sleep deprivation that depletes our minds of processing emotion, memories, and stress? Work, demands, schedules, babies, stress, sickness, relationships, noise, light, deadlines, school……add yours to the list. Sleep deprivation means we are not at our optimal mental and physiological health. If you want more tips on the sleep revolution, pick up the bestseller by the same name penned by Arianna Huffington. But this is about me…. us, you, and our beds. Calm and airy, or moody and colorful. Make your bed, yours. It’s time to have a love affair with your bed. Small changes in our habits and our environment make a big impact on our sleep results.

Here are a few of my favorite recommendations and looks for a healthy boudoir.  (no affiliate referrals are gained from recommendations)

Try some of your own bedroom updates. Move it from shut eye anywhere to quality sleep how you decide. No dark under eye circles, no post sleep hangover chic. It’s time to create your sleep sanctuary. For now, mine is a real grown up bed, for a real grown ass woman, and I can’t wait to jump into my fuzzy kick ass cloud for a healthy night’s rest.

How healthy is your boudoir? Still having sleep issues? Think about a sleep therapist or physicians checkup. Your life literally depends on it. 


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