I’d like to debunk a myth that you’ve most likely heard. It’s a myth so ubiquitous that we unquestioningly believe it to be true and even repeat it to our children.

This myth robs us of our strength and self-esteem.

This myth gives our power away.

This myth leaves us feeling stuck.

It destroys dreams, causes us to hate our own bodies and makes us feel inadequate and less than.

It saps our energy and makes change difficult.

It leads us to compare and despair.

Yet we continue to believe it, share it and even teach it to our children.

The myth we’ve been sold?

Nobody’s perfect.

Yet, if you’ve ever held a newborn, listened to a piece of music that made your heart soar or held someone as they cried you know this is a myth.

The truth is you are perfect.

Perfect is defined as (Adjective): 1. Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics. 2. Absolute; complete

I can guarantee you have all the required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics to be you.

And I can even promise that you are absolute and complete… just the way you are.

Which means — you are perfect.

Sadly, a lot of money is made off of our believing that we are faulty or incomplete which is the definition of imperfect. Diet, fashion, beauty and pharmaceutical companies (to name but a few) all want us to believe we’re flawed and spend billions (with a B) of dollars to reinforce the myth.

I believe our confusion arises when we equate being perfect with having no further desire to change or grow. Yet being perfect doesn’t preclude change and growth it just means that we approach it from a different place.

Instead of trying to hate ourselves thin, beautiful and happy we instead love ourselves enough to want to do the things and take the actions that make us feel healthy, attractive, well cared for and loved.

Once we stop believing the myth that nobody is perfect we have the energy to make the changes we desire and grow in ways that empower us. Without the struggle.

If you’re interested in feeling good I urge you to quit believing the myth and start accepting your perfection.

Even for just one minute of every day.

I promise, you’ll love the results.

Originally published at lisaculhane.com on June 28, 2016.