Everyday of your life, you have the opportunity to emotionally carry with you the events and experiences that you have been through. You are probably thinking that you actually have no choice at all, when it comes to what has happened to you, or how much of an emotional impact it has on you day to day.

I get it. I’ve had my share of dark times too, but I also know that holding onto the negative emotional impact of those times, can be very detrimental to your health. I choose to let it all go as much as I can. You can develop physical and mental illness, stress related diseases, aches and pains, head aches, even cancer. Dropping the emotional weight is completely up to you, for you make the choice about how you feel about everything. Holding onto your emotions, beliefs and limitations; dull your spirit, turn down your happiness, and slow your own personal growth towards increasing your inner light!

So how do you begin to let go of these heavy mental roadblocks? Well, as soon as you are ready to do so, I have always suggested revisiting your past one last time… on paper. Write down all of your personal troubles, sad times, hick-ups, the people who you’ve burned, the people who’ve burned you, the ones that you’ve lost, the things that you never got to do… basically all the experiences that have bothered you that you can remember.

To let go of all of these experiences and increase your inner light, you need to be clear on the darkness first. After your journaling/ list creating, it is important to not rush flushing these memories down the toilet. Instead, really feel into each one of them and breathe. How does this exact experience or memory make you feel? Breathe into each experience and give yourself the permission to LET IT GO.

If you are familiar with Emotional Tapping, this would be a fantastic time to go through the tapping points as you think about each experience. If you are not familiar with Emotional Tapping, simply tap your fingers lightly on the top of your head while you go through each of these experiences. If you feel any tightness or heaviness in any other area of your body while you do this, I invite you to tap there too. Chances are that is where you are holding onto the emotions of this darker experience. Before you begin tapping, rate your emotions on a scale from 1–10.

The process of Emotional Tapping will lessen the negative emotional impact that these experiences have on you. It works wonders because we all hold blocked energy in our bodies, within our body’s meridians. This quick and easy technique simply lifts blocked and stuck energy that has been laying dormant, causing you grief. This process makes your feel lighter!

As you tap through these memories, for each one of them, repeat this phrase…

“Although ___________________ has happened to me, which has made me feel completely ____________________ inside, I am ready to let it go and move on with my life. I am ready to feel light. I love and accept myself.”

After you spend time on each memory and you begin to feel finished, rate your emotions again on a scale from 1–10. Stop when you get to a 1 or 2. This means the impact of that experience has dissipated.

I just want to tell you that I am not a doctor, I just use this technique with many of my clients to help them quickly get over emotional barriers that are keeping them small… or in the darkness. It is important for you to remember that all of the experiences that you have had in your life, have occurred to teach you something.

I love Pema Chödrön‘s quote, “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” It’s true, however even if you are unaware of the lesson something is teaching you, you can still be aware of how it is making you feel and declaring that you want to let it go. That is a huge step when it comes to being able to release the emotions you do not want to hold onto.

Being an Intuitive Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs and Visionaries, I often perform subconscious clearings or belief re-patterning on my clients, to help them move forward with their life goals. Through a mix of different healing modalities that I have studied, coaching and creative strategy; emotional baggage is lifted, forgiveness is given, blocks and barriers are cleared away and individuals are able to move forward into becoming their best selves. If you are ready to release those fears, beliefs of unworthiness, blocks around abundance, or anything else; I would be happy to speak with you about the different programs that I offer. I am here for you.

Keep Creative!

Originally published at www.wildandcreative.com on July 21, 2016.