Claire Harvey

When I first heard my client say this I was like, yes, I feel the same! I feel bombarded with a next great set of info on how to start, grow, monetize my business. And not only does it seem overwhelming it seems like the market is saturated and then who will ever buy MY idea! But, then I sat on this and today something came to me.

Thank GOODNESS there are so many people out there wanting to help entrepreneurs.

Thank goodness there are so many people out there WILLING to share what they have learned in order to help others grow and succeed.

Because without the lessons of those who have gone before us we will spend money on the wrong things, we will waste hours upon hours on the wrong thing and we will feel defeated.

I was in a Clubhouse room the other day where a very successful entrepreneur asked if it would help others to know how much money she has made. I jumped at the opportunity to say YES. And this is why…. When I was starting out as a photographer and still working in a corporate 9-5+ with two young kids, wanting to fully jump into the entrepreneur journey my husband kept saying, but how much can you really earn as a photographer…..and I could never answer that. I searched and searched to find the answer and I could never find the real answer, I needed a guide to tell me 1) how to scale 2) what was possible and 3) all the different ways to monetize the journey.

Just think if we are really all out there to help others on their journey then we all benefit in ways beyond what we can imagine, because there really is always someone out there looking for the help you are willing to provide.