This article reminds me of Frank Sinatra’s lyrics: “It was a very good year!” 2017 was a year full of mixed feelings, yet so amazing! One of this year’s biggest highlight was the celebration of my 40th birthday in New York with friends that I met in person for the first time. Those “strangers” opened their arms widely and embraced me.

An amazing year consists of disappointments too. People got out of my life but at the same time new people entered my life. This is a strange twist of fate that might seem very difficult at first sight but with proper emotional management we can control and direct our emotions where we want them to be. What really matters at the end is the existence of love. Does this sound too fairy? Well, think about it! If there wasn’t love in all the things you do, how would your life be? Well, love was the only thing that saved my family years ago. The most important lesson I learned from my business tour worldwide during 2017 is that:

“Nothing and no one owes us anything”

Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with bulimia, which later turned into anorexia which leaded to oesofaghitis. I found myself divorced, penniless and homeless, having the responsibility of my two kids. I was feeling so sick and lonely. It was a quite challenging period for me. At first, I was blaming everyone else but myself for my hardships. As the days gone by, I managed to overcome those hardships the moment I realized that I was the only person in charge for my own health and life. It didn’t matter if I was born poor or if I had a lot of issues to deal with while I was growing up.

In New York I used to hear a lot the phrase “There is no free lunch”. That was an amazing life lesson which empowered my belief that no one owes us anything. I have an advice for you for the New Year: DO NOT WAIT and go after your dreams NOW. Don’t wait because you never know what might happen in a minute, tomorrow or in a year from now.

In conclusion, in order to succeed in life:

1. First you need to find your inner peace.

2. Forgive those who hurt you

3. Be fearless

4. Be a dreamer

5. Then you have to decide what is the most important thing for you

6. After making a decision, visualize it and go for it!

There is NEVER a right time to do something. The only right moment is when your GUT INSTINCT is trying to push you to that way. Listen to your inner-voice, trust your intuition and go for it!

In October 2017, at the Cyprus Embassy located at the 49th street and 5th Avenue in New York, I was giving my motivational speech and announcing my life’s goal around “Meliselli Foundation” in front of those young brilliant professionals. The time was 17:30 and that was moment when my GUT shouted at me. Every time I remember that moment goosebumps covers my whole body.

It shouted that my calling in life is to motivate, empower and energize people through my motivational speeches, coaching sessions and lectures because based on my experience, I know exactly how one feels when hitting rock bottom many times, or wondering whether will die or walk away or run off, whether will be able to feed his/her children and see his/her mother smile again. You know what? It is YOUR decision.

You can accomplish this easier by having as your life moto these three words:


Chase your dreams NOW, DON’T wait. You don’t need to be perfect in order to act, the only thing that matters is to be honest to yourself and the people who really loves you, will embrace and encourage you.

We tend to lose too much valuable time for planning, thinking and overanalyzing everything. Make a plan and go for it. Don’t wait to find love after accomplishing all your goals. I want you to love and to be loved. Sharing your excitement and sorrow with a true partner is above and beyond of a million dollar house or a valuable item.


I was seeking the meaning of ‘time’ since I was born, but the answer was in front of me all the time. Yes, sometimes we might need to hit the bottom in order to realize what really matters. 

Time is just a term that helps us organize our daily routine. Time is let’s say our calendar’s clock but it can’t tell us how to spend our time. Time is now my best friend and every new day is a new opportunity for me to become a better person.

My goal for 2018 is to become a better person and spread awareness of how much powerful we are, how much brave we are, break the chains and feel free from the underlying beliefs that we were taught. Through my speeches, books and audio material, as the vehicles will be my mission for this year.

Develop and nurture as many people I can, create to them the belief that we can accomplish anything we want, even beat the death and be truly happy as long as we are aware of what makes us really happy. We should work in order to satisfy our own expectations, not others’ expectations. Enough with living the life the others want you to live! Live for yourself and live like there is no tomorrow.

Our year can be very good just like Sinatra’s song, with hardships that teach us that we can live a better life. It is up to us to decide about our life. Don’t wait to fall in love and be loved, enjoy and laugh every second of your life even at the bad moments. Embrace this miracle that is called life. We are alive so let’s get out there and dare, take risks, love passionately and succeed our goals! If you love and respect yourself, then you will be persistent and consistent.

Have a great year my friends and remember: I
will always be here and I’ve got your back.

Nadia Themis

Life Coach/speaker