I quit my job this week with no backup plan

My meeting was set for 10:30 am, I planned to meet both of my bosses in the conference room. As I was sitting at my cubicle nervously waiting to quit my job, something bizarre happened.

The power went out for the entire street.

I thought to myself “Is this a sign? Is quitting now the right move?”. I became more and more hesitant as the atmosphere’s strangeness provoked frantic thoughts.

I walked out the office and into the hallway for a few minutes to gather myself. When I strolled back into the office I checked the time, it was 10:30. Almost simultaneously to my noticing of the time…the power came back on.

I once again thought to myself “What the hell is going on here?”.

I sat down in the conference room waiting for my bosses to join me. As I watched them approach from afar my heart began to beat faster than I knew was possible.

When they sat down I thanked them for meeting with me, gave them my little speech of why I wasn’t happy there, and just like that…I quit my job.

Did they get up and start yelling at me? Did my coworkers think less of me? Did the company begin to fail? Did I lose an integral part of who I was?

These questions can all be answered with one word — no.

Your Heart Knows Best

My rational brain was giving me one million and one reasons why I should stay but my heart was giving me one powerful message to leave.

That living thing that beats inside of your chest does not fuck around. Your heart will make it very clear whether or not you are in the right place, you can just feel it.

During my workday my heart would frequently yell at me. He would always give me the same “Sawyer, wtf are you doing here?” speech because he knew I was living a lie. Whenever I felt this anxiety, I knew my heart was pissed at me.

For the better of nine months I was totally putting off my heart’s concerns. The more I resisted the more my heart persisted until one day I heard him loud and clear:

“Sawyer, this job is not in alignment with who you truly are. You were built to be creative, to inspire people, and to execute your big, sometimes outlandish ideas. So far, you have been doing a pretty good job of killing me by letting me sit through this lie with you. I’m sick of your shit and I’m not going to take it anymore. Tomorrow you are going to quit and I don’t care what your wussy brain says, he’s too fearful to see the full picture. You’re going to do this for me and I promise you everything will work out just fine.”

I’m living proof that I did listen to my heart because when it all comes down to it, your heart knows what is best for you.

Feel free to share your ‘quitting a job’ story in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Freedom Is A Choice

I became a free man when I chose to listen to my heart. Now it doesn’t matter which direction I go, how much money I make, or how much respect I receive — for as long as I pursue what is within me, I have freedom.

Yes, I am currently unemployed, but happily so. Seriously, what is the point of employment if the majority of your time is spent doing something you hate?…To get a pay check? To pay the bills? To have fun and be yourself one or two days a week? Oh come on! That isn’t living, that is strictly surviving!

I have chosen to live a more fulfilling life:

A life… that is completely aligned with my core values.

A life… where I wake up with mass amounts of energy surging through my veins because I am so god damn excited for the day.

A life… where at any given moment I have the freedom to choose what I want to do and how I want to do it.

A life… where I let the passion flow out of me so I can ignite the dreams of others.

I am on this earth to be ALIVE, not to strictly survive!

Find Your Purpose

See, everyone has a purpose, a destiny one is trying to fulfill. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the slightest clue what that purpose might be for them. I’m not here to throw out nonsense and tell you that your purpose chases you and that you have to wait for inspiration to hit. If that was the case no one would know what to do with themselves.

The only way to truly find out what you love and which direction to take in life is to continually try things. Do you have an interest in art? Great, go take an art class and get drawing! If your passion continues to grow for the subject and you find yourself thinking and talking about it all the time, then you know which direction to take. If this isn’t the case, go to your next interest. Repeat this until you are certain of your path.

A common misconception people believe is that our purpose in life is concrete. In actuality, and I’m sure many older folks out there can back me up on this one, our purpose in life is constantly evolving.

This is why it is so crucial to reflect frequently on yourself as a whole so you can make sure your life simultaneously evolves with who you are as a person.

In Pursuit Of A Dream

I am on a lifelong mission. A mission of growth, adventure, risk-taking, passion, creative pursuits, societal advancement, and of course some good weird fun.

I am confident that human beings possess limitless potential. Napoleon Hill was absolutely right:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

Our minds were meant to be challenged and to attack all things that interest us.

My current purpose in life consists of an obsession for growth. That is the very reason why I am launching Mindset Mojo–a developmental platform aimed to inspire and curate young minds toward their own limitless potential.

Like anything, it is a work in progress, but it is there where I hope you can find the foundation for your own ever-growing pursuits!

Let’s Build A School Together

I was lucky. I was hand-gifted an amazing childhood stock-full of opportunities and access to renowned educational endeavors. Unfortunately, millions upon millions of adolescents did not and still do not, share with me the abundant childhood I was able to have.

I firmly believe every child on the face of this earth should be granted access to educational institutions. It is my great hope that we can make that happen within the life-span of my millennial generation.

With the privilege I was given as a child it is necessary for me to give back to those less fortunate than I. That is why I have launched a campaign through Mindset Mojo and Booster.com to raise $35,000 for the Pencils of Promise Non-Profit Organization to build a school in a developing nation.

You can contribute by purchasing a T-Shirt Here. My goal is to sell 2,850 of the below T-Shirts by the first day of summer (June 21st, 2017). I know this is a big goal, but with your help we can actually build a school together and empower impoverished youths to become the CEO’s of their own life! Thank so much in advance, your supports means the world to me!

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Why I Write

I truly believe we are all here for a reason, we all have a purpose. Mine is to inspire one billion people across the globe to take a chance on their dreams.

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