In today’s society, we’ve gotten so used to getting things as soon as we ask for them. If we want to do our shopping online, we download an app, and we start shopping; if we need a Halloween costume, we search for it and Amazon Prime will deliver it within 2 days if not faster; if we want something different for dinner, UberEats or GrubHub or others will deliver a variety of meals in no time, etc. When we order something and it’s going to take longer than what we want to wait, we start to question how much we really want it or whether that vendor is really the right one for us.  This feeling is similar to when we want change in our lives or set a new goal…when it takes too long or feels hard, we start questioning whether it’s really worth it.

When we want to make sustainable changes in our lives or set a stretch goal, those don’t get done miraculously overnight or within the 2 day shipping period. We can flip the switch and say…I want to lose 15 points or run a marathon or get the new job, but that’s where the easy part ends.  We need to commit to doing the hard work that makes change come to life.  

We’re quickly approaching the end of the year and the end of the decade.  (Where did it go?)  What changes did you commit to that you want to make sure happen? Are there changes that you know you want to make that you haven’t started?  Either way, now is the perfect time to put in place the habits that will help you follow through on the changes that you want to see come to life.

Let’s get started…

Once you’ve identified the change or the goal, write it down.  Be clear on why it’s important to you…what is the “so what”?  What’s the value of making the change or achieving the goal?  These questions will help you get back on track when you start wondering why you’re doing the hard work.

Now…tell someone else that can help support you from an accountability perspective. Often, I go big here and post it on Social Media so that I’ve committed to it in front of many people.  

Create an action plan of what needs to happen for you to make a lasting change or achieve your goal.

  • What habits do you need to change or stop?  What chains are holding you back?
  • What habits do you need to add?
  • What mindset needs to shift?  Who do you need to be to accomplish this change or goal?
  • What accountability support will you need when it gets tough? A support group? A friend or family member? A vision recording or mantra?

Define what Step 1 is and make it something you can commit to doing.  A few ideas…

  • Write your mantra or design your power pose
  • Drink more water today than yesterday
  • On your daily walk, add 2 minutes to your walk
  • Research a new career option
  • Don’t pick up the phone when that challenging person calls
  • Wait 5 minutes before sending that email that may be too emotional
  • Write the first lines of your business plan or book or blog

Define your daily, weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly checkpoints.  How will you know whether you’re making progress?

When you start questioning whether the effort to create sustainable change is worth it…

  • Go back to your “why” and “so what” statements.  
  • Ask yourself whether those things are still true.  
  •    If so, pick yourself up and keep going.
  •    If something has changed, reevaluate the change and make a new plan.

Work with your accountability partner(s) to get either some positive reinforcement or a kick in the pants (depending on what best motivates you).

Celebrate your successes (even the smallest ones) and forgive your failures so you can start moving forward again.

How important is this change or goal to you?  If it’s important, commit to giving it the attention and effort it deserves.  

Start today on running the marathon of your BEST LIFE!