Although I’ve been compliant with a homestay, I’m still wrapping my mind around the scope of this crisis. I live on a hill, removed from others, so the human toll is not visible – and the numbers of dead and potentially dead is incomprehensible. I think my mind has snapped shut to shield my empathetic soul.

Nothing has changed much in my life as a retiree and a writer, my life was hermit-like before ground zero-day of COVID-19. What my husband and I miss most is our daily workouts – and the camaraderie of our gym.

Unfortunately, what coulda/shouda/woulda been done is past tense. I’m impressed by the random small acts of kindness I’ve experienced, like my pharmacist, who pre-filled the medication prescribed for my asthma-compromised lungs. Yes, he pre-filled it before I needed it refilled, so that I’d be protected until May 1, even though I didn’t request it- a bonus of having a personal relationship with the people around me.

As an American,  I doubt if the rest of the world’s citizens look to the US for guidance or cheer any longer. Too many relationships have been severed. If one would like, for my message to the world, I’d reference the Judeo-Christians legacy of Hope.

I don’t know how the world will change after this virus leaves us, only God knows the answer to that question and I hope, for His sake, it’s a good one. If there is one thing the virus has made me realize, “It is a small world after all…”

My favorite quarantine story is, when on St. Paddy’s day, we prepared the item pictured below with the only object in the frozen foods aisle at Trader Joe’s, with bottles and bottles of Red Irish beer. The green crust was topped with Parmesan Cheese and sliced tomatoes – vegan Irish, we were! Shhh, don’t tell my husband – he thinks he hates kale 😉

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